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The Nephilim Wars™ started a Revolution

The Nephilim Wars™ is a comic book that challenges everything we believe about angels, mutants, the past and the future


For immediate release October 1st, 2018.

Launching a Revolution in Comics ain’t solo work

With The Nephilim Wars™, author and writing consultant David Taylor II proves that
independent authors need to tell their own stories well.

Chicago, IL. – October 1st, 2018 – Rebellion is expected from teenagers, but when grown men do it, they change the game. Author David Taylor II believed he could combine fantasy, theology, sci fi and action all in the same series. And nobody believed him.

Taylor pitched his story to several companies and they all took a pass. Frustrated, he decided to take his story directly to the fans with a Kickstarter. Because he knew that it was completely relevant for today’s market in every way possible.

He hired a top-notch illustrator, a top-notch letterer, cover designer and colorist and put together something that was hard to restrict to one category.

The Nephilim Wars™ is the fictional story that is the second act of a true event. Angels looked down from Heaven one day and decided they wanted to marry human women. And have kids with them. They did so, right before the days of Noah. They created a race of super powered giants, and that’s where myths, legends, and actual history came from about mutated humans with extraordinary powers. Even Goliath, the challenger of future King David, was descended from one of those human/angel hybrids. That’s why he was nine feet tall!

In this intense, surprising, and beautifully illustrated comic book, Taylor tells the story of what happens in the future. Set at the end of the 30th century, humans and angels have had a Five-Year War, and are now living in an unstable truce. But the Nephilim start doing what they are best at: breeding. It sets off a chain of events that will change the entire world once again. And it makes us face the age-old question of: will you throw out your children because they are different?

About the Author:

David Taylor II is a sought?after author, consultant and speaker who has worked with McDonald’s, Disney, the Chicago Department of Cultural Arts, the Chicago Pop Culture Con, and more. He writes sci fi, fantasy, and children’s books as well as helping budding authors get started with their journey into professional writing. You can help support his groundbreaking comic by visiting:

To arrange an interview with the author, contact
Wanda Gibert at House of DT Books –, (773) 792-7748.


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