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Kathleen Gilbert, PH.D., F.T. Brings Extensive Background in Family Studies


The National Widowers’ Organization ( is pleased to announce that Kathleen Gilbert, Ph.D., F.T. has joined the Board of Directors. Dr. Gilbert has an extensive background in family studies and is affiliated with the Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington as Professor Emerita. Her career in the field is marked by many recognitions and published pieces. As an active member of several professional organizations she has a contemporary network of associations in the field of death, dying, bereavement, and grief.

Dr. Gilbert’s recent scholarly research and publications focused on such topics as, Dying, Death, and Grief in an Online Universe: For Counselors and Educators, From Digital Divide to Digital Immortality: Thanatechnology at the Turn of the 21st Century, Dying, death and grief in a technological world: Implications for now and speculations about the future, and Grief and Bereavement in Contemporary Society: Bridging Research and Practice. Currently, Dr. Gilbert is collaborating with another Board member, Dr. Sherry R. Schacthter, Ph.D. F.T., on a research project that will aim at understanding how the National Widower’s Organization can do more to help widowers and their families deal with the challenges they face.

Dr. Gilbert said about joining the organization, “I’m excited about the opportunity to join the Board and contribute to the mission of the National Widower’s Organization. My interest is inspired by both my research experience of interviewing men who have been bereaved and my personal experience with men in my family who have been widowed. “

Sam Feldman, Founder and Chairman of the National Widowers’ Organization says about Dr. Gilbert’s addition to the Board, “After conversations with Kathy I was impressed by both her professional and personal experiences in dealing with widowers and their needs. She expressed an understanding of their situation that will be of great help for us to do a better job for our widower community. Additionally, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of helping families deal with the issues faced with loss of a family member in our contemporary environment. Her publications dealing with death, dying, and grief in our 21st century online and digital environment provide us with a perspective that is important as we move forward. Her willingness to join our organization and immediately contribute to our mission, with a research project, will benefit many people. Our entire Board looks forward to working with Kathy.”

The National Widowers’ Organization, a 501c3 non-profit organization, was organized in 2009 and has served widowers and their families through their website ( since then. For more information, please Contact Frederick Spero, Executive Director at (800) 309-3658 or

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