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NYC Central Park A Magical Forest For Ghost Hunting!

NYC's Central Park is known for beautiful lawns, rolling hills, fountains, statues and of course...some roaming ghostly enchanted spirits, says two of New York's seasoned ghost hunters.


As Autumn falls upon NYC, two of New York's noted ghost hunters will be searching Central Park for signs of paranormal activity while leading bands of daring amateur ghost hunters on actual ghostly explorations through New York City's most famous park.

After being trained in the fundamentals of paranormal investigations including the use of all sorts of ghost hunting equipment, they'll prowl Central Park for signs of paranormal activity. They'll trek past a 3500 year old monolithic obelisk, a 106 acre reservoir and even have an audience with a royal king as they search for ghostly inhabitants.

Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew noted paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides aka the “Ghost Doctors” have been researching and investigating Central Park for quite some time and have unearthed something...something strange and maybe ghostly within this 843 acre wonderland located in the heart of Manhattan.

“For over 150 years Central Park has been a sanctuary in the heart of New York. It allowed people from all walks of life to “just get away from it all”, to find some time and just relax,” says Dr. Stew. “And throughout its long existence and the thousands of events that occurred there, an impression may have been left, a paranormal impression especially in some of the park's most visited locations.”

Moreover, NYC's Central Park is an amazing place in daylight, but during the twilight hours it takes on an entirely new perspective. And according to the Ghost Doctors, Central Park no longer seems like New York but some surreal wooded realm.

So for those people wishing to experience that magical feeling of trying something adventurous and a bit supernatural, then just know that deep within the dusky corners of Central Park a ghost hunting journey awaits them this fall!

Ghost Doctors (, based in New York City, is the premier ghost hunting tour in NYC that actually allows participants to experience “real” ghost hunts. Their ghosts hunts are open to public private and corporate events.

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