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TeamGram Sales Management and CRM Solution Supports Rapid Growth Expanding Footprint to Brazil

The intuitive sales management and CRM solution TeamGram is expanding its presence to Brazil after driving strong growth in Canada and the US. TeamGram was recently recognized as the best scoring CRM software in Gartner Group’s Software Advice Frontrunners Report- August 2018.


“Brazil’s dynamic business environment, with its vibrant small and mid-sized companies creates great opportunities for the country’s economy. Keeping the unique needs of Brazilian companies in mind, we fully localized TeamGram, including our support portal and mobile apps to better contribute to the success of Brazilian businesses,” says Cem Ucan, Marketing Manager of TeamGram.

TeamGram is the ideal tool for businesses looking for ways to grow, reach new potential customers, and manage their sales without missing any opportunities. Getting new leads, following up with new deals and turning them into real sales figures is what TeamGram is best at as a result of its robust functionality.

TeamGram offers businesses great visibility over what is going on through their sales cycle. Starting from initial contact to lead management, customer follow-up and quote preparation to order processing, TeamGram provides the right tools for businesses to get more organized, and have a clear understanding of what needs to be done to close more deals. This clear visibility coupled with TeamGram’s time-saving, easy to use features results in more sales.

Gartner Group’s Software Advice recently rated TeamGram (among Enterprise vendors) as the best scoring CRM software among 315 CRMs, based on user ratings and usability scores, in their recent Frontrunners Report, August 2018.

"Since our inception in May 2017 our success in North America has shown that we are providing real value to a myriad of businesses”, says Ucan, “but need more feet on the street to continue our growth.”

“We are amazed by the flexible and vibrant business environment in Brazil, and their eagerness to grow, so we saw a perfect fit here with our promise. Our experience in more than 30 countries shows that with its easy to use interface and robust functionality, TeamGram has been successful in helping businesses reach their ultimate goal: Growth.”

TeamGram fits squarely in the middle as a solution for growing businesses in Brazil, including a comprehensive suite of capabilities that outrank other CRM solutions available in the market. Coupled with a flexible, customizable user interface, fully localized support in Portuguese, companies looking for excellent sales management will be able to get more organized and efficiently manage their substantially expanding businesses. All customer relationships and interactions are accessible from everywhere using TeamGram’s mobile apps for iOs and Android.

“TeamGram is designed with growing businesses in mind,” says Ucan. “We believe in creating value for our customers, and we are excited about the opportunity to work with Brazilian businesses, helping them achieve their sales goals, and participate in the growth of the Brazilian economy.”

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