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Country Singer Corinne Cook Releases Heart Wrenching New Single "Trying Not To Die" Sept. 14

The third single peels away another layer from her recent album "Yes I Can" to showcase the depth of the album and the artist.


NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Sept. 13, 2018 -- The poignant, touching "Trying Not To Die," about finding the strength to survive the terrible loss of a relationship is Corinne Cook's third single from the critically acclaimed third album "Yes I Can." The song, written by Debbie Pascarella and Dani Jamerson (who also wrote the song "One Box of Tissues" on the album) is produced by longtime producer and collaborator Denny Martin.

"I like to call my albums emotional rollercoasters, snapshots of life and how I feel about different things, with variety from track to track," Corinne says. "With every song, I want people to feel what it represents. I love the fact that I'm basically telling unique stories that all convey different feelings."

"Each of my albums represents different points in time of my life, with special memories and dreams attached to them, and I love taking people on the journey with me. I'm putting my heart, and my art, on display in the hopes people are going to love it and I'm anxious and excited to hear what everyone thinks."

On her way to pursuing her career and breaking through as a Nashville based singer, songwriter and performer, Cook served the Air Force during the Gulf War, raised two daughters and a son as a single mom, waitressed and worked graveyard shifts, and even DJ'd for a country radio station.

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