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Muscat Bay truly embodies Oman in more ways than one.

Muscat Bay, Oman’s award-winning resort village, not only reflects the unhurried and peaceful Omani way of life, but also represents the nation in many more ways


Muscat Bay, Oman’s award-winning resort village, not only reflects the unhurried and peaceful Omani way of life, but also represents the nation in many more ways.
A culmination of meticulous planning and careful attention to details, Muscat Bay is designed for those who seek a balance between contemporary lifestyle and nature living. Just like the nation itself, it facilitates families a life of peace and harmony in a dramatic and spectacular surrounding. Designed to provide luxury-integrated community living, Muscat Bay offers a harmonious blend of lifestyle options within acres of elegantly landscaped garden, lush parks and a private beach with powdery white sand and turquoise waters

Surrounded by the majestic Al Hajar Mountains and the Gulf of Oman, Muscat Bay reflects a glimpse of the nation’s landscape within its premise. Spanning over 2.2 million square meters, Muscat Bay consists of 260 exclusive residential units which include spacious villas, stylish townhouses and luxury apartments in three residential zones— all with attractive waterfront, park views and mountainside views. Like the many different locations in the nation, Muscat Bay offers three diverse residential zones which are a part of the phase 1 development and have been crafted with careful deliberation based on their equation with the nature and catering to different tastes and preferences; namely, Wajd, Zaha, and Nameer.

Wajd, which means 'spiritual ecstasy', consists of grand hilltop villas perched on a hillside offering sweeping view of the surrounding landscape, truly invoking the kind of spiritual ecstasy the name suggests. Zaha, or simply put 'blossom', is characterized by a mix of duplexes and villas set in the heart of Muscat Bay surrounded by sprawling parkland and lush gardens. Nameer, which stands for ‘Pure Water’, brings forth the natural cleansing aura of water with island villas centrally located on their own island, surrounded by the signature lagoon, just an arm’s length from the beach.

Oman, as a nation is known for its hospitality; most likely why Muscat Bay chose to have the hotel chain most renowned for its warmth and hospitality – Jumeirah. Muscat Bay will feature two five star hotels by the leading hotel operator. The first Jumeirah Muscat Bay Resort hotel is set to open soon, marking the area open to tourists and residents who are on the lookout for a luxury dining and getaway experience. Furthermore, an entertainment village square named 'Parkland' with vibrant landscaped gardens, promenades and water features, studded with leading and popular food and retail outlets, is set to be launched soon.

With the latest statistics showing an increase in the number of tourists visiting the country, the nation is pushing the sectors of the property and real estate industry to achieve global standards of excellence. Muscat Bay, developed by the government in partnership with the private sector, and represented by Omran and Saraya Oman Holding Company respectively, is one such project that has continually pursued world-class standards. The project is also in line with the government’s vision to achieve economic diversification through the effective use of the tourism sector. Moreover, having received raving reviews and positive feedback since conception, Muscat Bay makes for a golden opportunity in investment.

Muscat Bay is one of the prime properties in the region offering the best of both the worlds in terms of the perfect location at close vicinity with the city yet embedded in sublime natural surroundings. With its vibrant community and seamless luxury complementing the heritage of the natural location, Muscat Bay is bound to make an impressive impression on Omani lifestyle and tourism. With its reputable shareholders and strong investor benefits alongside strong rental yield and capital growth opportunities, Muscat Bay presents a secure and highly attractive residential Community for both investors and homeowners.

Muscat Bay is rightfully hailed as a peaceful natural haven because of the balanced family life it offers, like the nation itself. With the city centre only a scenic 15-minute drive away and Muscat International Airport just a 35-minute drive, Muscat Bay makes a great home within the homely nation of Oman.

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