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Luxury Resort in Coron Promotes Environmental Sustainability

EcoConserve is an initiative of Club Paradise Palawan to nurture nature.


Club Paradise Palawan, a luxury resort in Coron pursues its long-term commitment to protect and sustain the environment through ECOCONSERVE.

The environmental sustainability program, the centerpiece of Club Paradise’s sustainability and environmental protection plan, aims to rebuild, protect and conserve nature. It provides the guiding principles for the resort’s day-to-day operations.

“Sustainability and environmental consciousness is one of the organization’s top priorities”, says Joegil Escobar, Resort Manager. “It is important to act as stewards of the environment. We also work hand-in-hand with the communities we serve.”

Club Paradise Palawan seeks to “nurture nature” through the following ECOCONSERVE activities:

Protect Club Paradise Palawan’s 700-meter pristine beach, which is within a Biosphere Reserve of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. The reserve is a nesting site for Hawksbill and Green Sea turtles. From November to January every year, around 200 turtle hatchlings are released back to the ocean.

Club Paradise Palawan protects its surrounding waters from illegal fishermen. Resort staff members serve as "Sea Guardians" who safeguard marine ecosystems and reefs.

The Discovery Scouts program encourages children to care for Mother Earth. Different activities are held daily at the resort's Tree House to show children the need to protect and conserve nature.

At the Firefish Restaurant and Lounge, delightful international and home-grown dishes are served using ingredients from sustainable sources. The resort’s private farm, Taranuman, for instance, supplies fresh herbs and vegetables to allow guests enjoy farm-to-table dishes.

The verdant 19 hectares of Dimakya Island, home of Club Paradise Palawan has a dense forest cover that serves as a natural habitat for many exotic wildlife. The resort ensures the wildlife do not lose their home by making the planting of trees an important activity.

In the pipeline is the construction of a water desalination plant to provide a drought-proof, alternative water supply.

Club Paradise Palawan also conducts regular beach clean-ups and practices waste segregation by providing color-coded garbage bins within the property.

For Club Paradise Palawan, its management company The Discovery Leisure Company, and its owner Discovery World Corporation, sustainability is not just a short-term goal but a major and permanent part of the way they operate and do business.

Discover Club Paradise Palawan’s environmental efforts here

About Club Paradise Palawan

Club Paradise Palawan is an exclusive island resort in Coron, Palawan along the Biosphere Reserve of the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization. It boasts of pristine white sand beaches, charming accommodations, delightful international cuisine and colourful, rich marine life. Guests can engage in a variety of exciting outdoor activities or simply relax to take in the calming sights and sounds of paradise.

Club Paradise Palawan is one of five properties of The Discovery Leisure Company’s portfolio of distinctive hotels and resorts. Get updates through Club Paradise Palawan’s official website at

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