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Connect Undergoes Recent Rebrand

In recent months, Connect Entertainment has shifted its focus to a more concentrated facet of their business.


DALLAS, TX – After years of successfully providing various marketing and promotional services, Connect’s CEO discovered that the events division of the firm held the most promise and potential for future endeavors. This prompted a transition from traditional practices to more innovative, technologically advanced strategies.

“Our brand looks and feels the same from a cosmetic standpoint, but the depth of our focus on our clients and the services that are most beneficial to their employees has increased drastically,” said the firm’s CEO, Rachel O’Hara. “We have spent a significant amount of time mastering our craft and directing it towards larger clients with whom we can implement more creativity and tailor our services to their needs.”

Rachel elaborated that the firm is retaining the aspects of their services that have been cornerstones of their business; such as face to face interactions with clients. Their objective is to fuse the best approaches from the past with the most innovative and advanced approaches of the future.

“This transition allows us to access more clients and also enhances the caliber of customer service we can provide,” Rachel said. “Our team is able to work remotely with more flexibility in their schedules which has increased efficiency overall.”

With the momentum going in this direction, Rachel asserted that the team now has the opportunity to further establish their brand within large corporations in the DFW area. Not only are they reaching out to new clients, they’re building deeper relationships with existing clients and providing their employees with more discounts on client promotions than they were able to in the past.

“We are already booked with events through the end of the year,” Rachel said. “Since we have achieved that benchmark we can use the interim to continue diving deeper with our clients and obtain new ones in the process through more of our digital efforts.”

“Our ultimate goal is to maximize savings on extremely attractive promotions in sports, entertainment, travel for corporations in the area,” Rachel said. “We have been implementing a more in depth, consultative approach to understanding how we can customize each promotion to maximize sales for our clients and increase engagement from corporations’ employees.”

Rachel added that their vertical markets have become more diverse. Connect has established new relationships over the past few months and has now stamped their footprint on school districts, hospitals, property management locations, and government organizations. Moving forward, the team is concentrating their efforts on adding more Fortune 500 event hosts to their roster.

“Ultimately, we took a hiatus of sorts to reposition ourselves so we could allow for a more thorough representation of our long standing sports clientele and provide a better experience for them,” Rachel said. “Through fortifying those connections, we are able to apply this improved level of service to our newer clients with ease.”

“Previously, although our commitment to our clients has always been our priority, our services were largely similar between markets,” Rachel said. “Now we have come back with the notion that we can confidently make an impact on employees within a diverse range of organizations while expanding our repertoire moving forward.”

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