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Christian Theology Books Distilled to Key Insights

Launching August 2018, Accelerate is a tool that helps Christian leaders learn twice as much in half the time. Accelerate distills important theology books to their key insights and presents them via text summaries, animations, infographics, audio MP3, and more.


Accelerate Books Launches in August 2018

Accelerate Books, a product of TCB Media LLC, is a tool that helps Gospel Practitioners accelerate their learning by distilling theology books to their key insights. Accelerate presents these insights in the form of clear summaries, infographics, audio MP3s, animations, and more. Accelerate is officially launching in August 2018, providing members with eight book briefs every month for a monthly subscription of $9.99.

Too often, many pastors and Christian ministers struggle to find time to read. Although most leaders quickly agree that leaders are readers, finding time to get through their ever-increasing stack of books seems a herculean task. On top of their other God-given responsibilities — whether that be school, raising a family, part-time jobs, counseling, or administrative tasks — the pressure to keep up their reading list only grows.

That’s why we built Accelerate, a tool designed to give Christians quick access to the key insights of important theological books. As pastor John Piper famously said, “Books don’t change people, paragraphs do — sometimes even sentences.” Our mission is to extract these life-changing paragraphs and sentences in an effort to help readers:

Make informed decisions on their next book purchase
Broaden their reading
Grasp concepts more efficiently
Better retain a book’s insights through infographics, animations, and questions
Since June 2nd, we have opened Accelerate Books to approximately 1,000 BETA Testers to ask for their feedback on the program. We were also curious to see how Accelerate might serve people differently. During our BETA period, we published our first eight book briefs and asked for their thoughts. Here are some of our users’ feedback:

“I was skeptical about the benefits of Accelerate. Oh, whether or not benefits would exist — sure they would — but would they be worth paying for? I honestly couldn’t imagine they would. So I checked it out and was blown away!” – Sharon Herbitter.

“For a small Church plant like ourselves, it’s a huge help and blessing to have access to the kind of content your service is providing! Helping us sift through content and investing in fewer but good books that will serve our people.” – Sean T., Church Planter (Jamaica)

Just finished my second book brief and, amazingly, it actually felt like I’ve read the whole book!” – JD Pedida, Church Planter (Philippines)

“I am loving this! So thankful for it! I wouldn’t mind paying more if I could at least finish a book or two a day using this method it is absolutely worth it! Wow!” – Brian Oh.

“My job as a pastor is going to be a lot easier.” – Carlos Montanez, video testimonial.

Finally, in response to some who are a bit skeptical of the program: the goal of Accelerate books is not to replace reading. Not at all! Rather, Accelerate Books is designed to supplement and encouraging reading, especially for those who don’t naturally take to reading. Furthermore, Accelerate Books was developed in response to a growing trend of upholding reading as a virtue in and of itself. We would argue that reading itself is not a virtue. Reading for the sake of applying life-changing insights for life transofmration is. We simply hope Accelerate will be a tool in that process.

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