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Ecosmob Announce SBC Software Development for Securing VoIP Networks and Better Interoperability

Class 4 and Class 5 softswitches are not sufficient for telecom carriers. Session border controller at both ends is a necessity and hardware SBCs can be restrictive whereas software SBC is flexible, adaptable and affordable.


Ecosmob, a division of Ecosmob, global leaders in VoIP technologies, announced the launch of SBC software development services for VoIP service providers and telecom carriers.

The VP announced the launch stating, “Ecosmob has been associated with telecom carriers and VoIP service providers since the rise of VoIP services and we understand their needs like no one else can. Our session border development service factors in all their needs and the issues they face by providing water-tight security, extreme interoperability and enhanced call quality.”

Elaborating on their software based SBC development expertise, he went on to state that Ecosmob incorporates all existing VoIP signaling protocols and transcoding codecs into the solution as may be needed by the service provider. Ecosmob SBC is based on open source Asterisk, Freeswitch, OpenPBX, Yate and SER and their developers take the best elements from these platforms to create SBC VoIP Solutions that work flawlessly for secure and seamless communications. A class 4 softswitch by itself is not sufficient and needs to work in tandem with SBC. Hardware SBCs can be rather restrictive whereas software allows for session border controller configuration to precisely suit operating environment of a telecom carrier and assure full regulatory compliances.

SBC is even more imperative considering that VoIP traffic now also comprises of video data with its inherent set of issues that would create glitches were it not for the superior implementation of codecs and protocols that also include webRTC integration in the SBC solutions offered by Ecosmob. Apart from security and interoperability, SBC software development by Asterisk also customizes call detail reports and billing, a boon for telecom operators with international operations who need multi-lingual billing, multi-currency and various taxation structures. “As said before, Ecosmob fully understands how telecom carriers operate and we are the right people to offer tailored SBC VoIP solutions that give best value for money as well as performance.”

Ecosmob offers full support and maintenance for its session border controller solutions and assistance for configuration of the package to suit each individual client.

Interested carriers and VoIP service providers may get in touch with Ecosmob at 91 79 40054019, 1-303-997-3139 or via website


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