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Campus Consortium Announces First Ever GDPR Assessment Grant

Campus Consortium, a non-profit organization that unites approximately 37,000 institutions globally announced its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Assessment Grant today


Campus Consortium, a non-profit organization that unites approximately 37,000 institutions globally announced its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Assessment Grant today. A grant that has been announced for the very first time, it brings together a service wherein institutions can gain an understanding of areas that are significant and trivial across a wide range of GDPR requirements, comprising of data governance, user notifications, and data tracking and reporting.

The Grant will equip organizations that comply with GDPR regulations to run smoothly and reinforcing their relationships with patrons by safeguarding the security and privacy of their data and offering clarity into policies and principles. The Grant worth up to $8,000 includes onsite visit and recommendations reports for vulnerability assessments under the General Data Protection Regulation.

The GDPR Assessment provides the following benefits:

Safety Against Up-and-coming Cyber-Attacks And Data Thefts
Enhancing Your Institution/s Reputation As Secure For Students And Staff
Perfected Accuracy Of Data Stored In Your Organization’s Database
Data Protection Training To Ensure Data Controller Accountability
Global Data Security For Individuals With Third-Party Country Transactions
Higher education is one of the most regulated industries in America and comes under the top 5 most attacked spaces. The threat landscape is growing at a faster rate than most of our institutions can keep up with, and this is especially true for Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs). Therefore, it is strongly recommended that IHEs perform risk assessments at their campuses on a yearly basis.

Colleges and universities wondering how to obtain a GDPR Assessment should visit Campus Consortium Grant Programs. The GDPR Assessment Applications open on June 27th, 2018.

“Non-compliance with GDPR can be quite a hefty penalty, which we certainly do not want institutions to incur. We encourage both our member and non-member institutions to go through grants that can not only help them save cost but also, augment the campus with newer or enhanced solutions. The GDPR Assessment Grant aids all institutions with an opportunity to ensure they are data compliant”, states Anjli Jain, Chairman of Campus Consortium.

Campus Consortium since the year 2003 has been a driving force at reducing the cost of education throughout the world. Through their various technology Grants, institutions receive funding to implement numerous products and services that will engage and contribute to the success of students, faculty and staff.

About Campus Consortium
Campus Consortium is a leading education association with more than 37,000 higher education institutions and K-12 school district members. The Campus Consortium’s mission is to help members reduce the time, cost and effort associated with implementing enterprise IT services by leveraging shared IT services, lessons learned and best practices so that each member can avoid reinventing the wheel.

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