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Tri State Promotes New Assistant Manager

With his recent promotion, Anthony M. and his manager, Paul B. discussed his career with Tri State and future initiatives.


RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ – Tri State recently promoted Anthony M. into a role as an Assistant Manager. He outlined his experience with the company, his goals moving forward, and his advice to those just getting started. His Manager, Paul B., weighed in on Anthony’s contributions to the team and what anticipates seeing from him moving forward.

Anthony is a December 2017 graduate of St. Thomas Aquinas. As a Sports Management major, his goal upon graduation was to land a position in a sports related field. Tri State’s representation of MLB clients in the NYC area initially piqued his interest. He was committed to joining the team when he realized there was an opportunity to train in business development and management.

“I am relentless when it comes to finishing something that I start and doing it to the best of my ability,” Anthony said. “I’m determined and passionate about every commitment that I make, and this opportunity was no exception.”

In addition to building relationships amongst the team through weekly Team Nights, Anthony mentioned that meeting new people on a daily basis has been the highlight of his career at Tri State. He also discussed contributing factors to his promotion within just five months of starting with the company.

“Since the beginning, I have absorbed information from both Paul M. and Paul B. like a sponge,” Anthony said. “Leaning on them for advice and support has given me the tools to approach situations with confidence.”

Anthony’s goals are to become acclimated with the operations within the office over the next few months, and be promoted into the Management role by September 2018. He ultimately has his sights set on expanding to a new office location in Long Island, NY.

Anthony’s manager, Paul B., offered his insight into Anthony’s quick progression and promotion to the Assistant Manager role. He also detailed what Anthony can expect in his new position, as well as advice for him moving forward.

“Anthony was able to propel himself into this position so quickly because he has consistently come in with the drive to sharpen his skills and improve on a daily basis,” Paul said. “He has also displayed a high level of maturity that has exceeded my expectations for someone who graduated from college so recently.”

Paul asserted that Anthony still has a lot more to learn now that he has reached this benchmark in his career. He added that the training he will receive in this role will expose him to various departments to provide him with a comprehensive knowledge of all facets of Tri State’s operations.

Paul emphasized that the training will focus on how to develop exceptional organizational skills and implement systematic strategies that will improve efficiency in the office.

“Anthony’s incredible work ethic got him into this role in such a short period of time, but my advice to him would be to never become complacent,” Paul said. “Even as he ascends to higher ranks in his career, it should inspire him to raise the bar higher and challenge himself more than ever before.”

“I wish Anthony all the success in the world and I can’t wait to see what he will accomplish in the future,” Paul said.

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