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Karate in Ontario THE UPHILL BATTLE ‘The Cost of Raising a Champion’

THE UPHILL BATTLE is an award-winning documentary directed by Maria Morgunova. In this important documentary you’ll meet 14 experts: respected instructors, referees, and judges share their experiences and reveal their secrets to success. More importantly, all 14 experts have experienced “The Uphill Battle”.


This documentary is the first study and only known research about Karate in Canada. Currently, there’s no statistics on karate-related events, no data on how many seminars, camps, and tournaments are offered by Karate clubs, no information on the number of clubs, coaches, and students involved in Karate, and whether these Karate students are adults or children.
This documentary is based on Ontario’s situation and demonstrates the urgency for an official study on Canadian Karate. The development of the Karate industry is dependent upon this research.

Target Audience
The Uphill Battle addresses Karate and a healthy lifestyle for children pertaining to Ontario, Canada. The documentary’s target audience includes parents, sports scientists, college and university-level students, gym teachers, athletes, healthy lifestyle experts and instructors, coaches, sports-oriented teenagers and Karate officials at every level.

“The Uphill Battle” is for any parent interested in learning about Karate, because Karate is much more than just a sport or hobby; it provides an avenue for children to develop winning life-skills; to develop confidence; to learn how to think for themselves, and to achieve top results in every aspect of their lives.

Whether you’re a sports expert, sports psychologists, gym teacher, sociologist, or school teacher, this documentary will be an invaluable experience because, besides instructing how to teach different age groups, it covers historical facts, traditions, styles, and much more.

If you’re a politician wanting to promote potential Canadian Olympic champions, this documentary is a must! You’ll discover how karate students develop and become champions; the lack of professionally-organised tournaments for our youth; how many talented athletes give up because they can’t afford the expenses related to professional training, travelling, and provincial and national team fees.
Government must become aware of this important sport and understand why our talented athletes need their support.

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What the Experts Say!
Kyoshi Sam Moledzki, Karatedo Shitokai Canada Shihan-WSKF: “This insightful documentary gives the viewer a behind-the-scenes look at Karate in Ontario. Many topics are covered, and anyone interested in Karate will discover something unique and important.”
Sensei Louis Rossi: “Fantastic Documentary. Good choice of dojos presenting the message; all respectable, qualified instructors.”

Oleg Morgunov, Toronto Karate Junior League Tournaments Director: “One can’t underestimate the impact of this film. After "The Uphill Battle" was released in Sep 2016, Karate's situation as a sport in Ontario changed dramatically: the former Provincial Sport Organization lost its governing body status; the higher-ups impeding the development of Karate were dismissed, and the sport gained new momentum!”
Paul Dupre, martial arts aficionado and historian: “Tremendous presentation and amazing people taking part!”
About the Filmmaker
This documentary was directed by Maria Morgunova, Director of INVISION PRO, a media company in Toronto, Ontario. Maria’s background includes over 10 years’ experience in journalism and the film and video industry as a videographer, journalist, film editor, short-story producer, and director of TV talk shows. Maria holds an MA of Arts and has created successful stories and programs for the corporate world, broadcast television, and PR companies.

Independent Vision and Production is a media company located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. INVISION PRO produces quality documentaries, B2B marketing videos, short stories, and music videos.
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