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Tri State's Managing Partner Highlights Entry Level Training

Tri State’s Managing Partner discussed the benefits of training in an entry level position and why it maximized his experience as a recent college graduate two years ago.


RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ – The Tri State culture is characterized by exponential growth and upward mobility for its team members due to their recent expansion.

Managing Partner, Paul B. started with the company two years ago in an entry level position as a May 2016 college graduate. He discussed the benefits of the Tri State business model and how it is conducive to growth for those with no prior experience in the field.

“This is my favorite time of year because not only is the weather getting warmer and the baseball season is in full swing, but our HR Department is starting to process applications from recent college graduates,” Paul said. “It’s all too familiar, because I interviewed with the company immediately after I graduated from SUNY Cortland and joined the team shortly after.”

Paul mentioned that the attraction to apply to the company initially was their client base. Their partnership with professional sports teams piqued his interest, as he was a college athlete on the SUNY Cortland football team as an undergraduate. Their representation of MLB teams aligned with his goal to work in a sports oriented culture.

“What got me in the door to interview was what I gathered online about the company culture and their involvement with sports teams,” Paul said. “However, what motivated me to join the team was the caliber of people I met through the interview process and when I learned about the immense opportunity for growth.”

Paul discussed the advantages of starting in an entry level position with the company and how having little to no prior experience allows team members to fully immerse themselves in the training offered.

“As a recent college graduate, in my experience, you are more likely to be open minded and eager to learn new skills,” Paul said. “Additionally, when your career is just starting to develop you have more freedom in your personal life to dedicate time to building and shaping your path.”

“It’s difficult to come into a new situation with habits learned at a previous company because they might not be successful in a new environment,” Paul said. “We have found the most success in the training structure that starts team members from all experience levels from the ground up; reflecting the idea that you have to learn how to play the game before you can become the head coach.”

Paul asserted that prior industry experience might be helpful, but is not a guarantee that someone will be successful at Tri State. He outlined some of the intangible skills and qualities that the top performers possess and what he prefers to see in candidates interviewing at Tri State.

“When I’m in an interview I like to hear about and see community involvement and extracurricular activities, especially because I was able to balance being a student athlete and it taught me a lot about time management,” Paul said. “I also appreciate when candidates can speak to being a team player and describe how their involvement on campus reflects that.”

Tri State is in the process of opening their Summer Internship Program for 2018. They will be actively searching for applicants to train for the next quarter and prepare to return as full time employees upon graduating.

“My younger sister was able to intern with us in the winter,” Paul said. “Through her experience, I was able to see first hand how our training on communication skills, leadership and accountability have prepared her to start in any industry when she graduates since our focus is on teaching transferable skills.”

As someone who initiated his career with Tri State upon graduation two years ago, Paul offered advice to those who are setting out to determine what their next steps are now that they have their college degree.

“Try not to focus on finding society’s constructed version of what the perfect job is,” Paul said. “Instead, jot down the aspects of a company that are most important to you, and allow that to be your guide to finding the opportunity that will be the best fit.”

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