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TexPlex Park Announces Billy Champion as Vice President

TexPlex Park announces the promotion of Billy Champion to Vice President after serving one year with the company.


TexPlex Park recently named local series UTV racer Billy Champion to Vice President. Champion comes to the role after working with TexPlex for a year as the park’s professional UTV driver for its off-road thrill ride experience.

Champion, who started his new role on May 1, will report to Tommy Kehoe, President of TexPlex Park. Champion will be responsible for the off-road facility including the upkeep and maintenance of the track, hiring and training of staff, and monitoring of the off-road vehicles to ensure overall safety and efficiency.

Champion’s past experience includes motocross racing and more than 4 years competing in local series UTV races. He was also the regional sales manager for Tucker Rocky in the DFW market for a short time. During his time he worked with the sales team and supported many of the local dealers in the area. In his new role, Champion’s goal is to continue transforming the park into a professional venue capable of hosting more large-scale corporate and experiential events.

“I am super excited for this opportunity to be part of the team,” Champion said. “It has been my dream to operate a first-class facility like TexPlex Park and to help grow the park to the next level. Tommy and I need to build a bigger road because there is a line all the way to the 67 Freeway to get into the facility, which is surely a sign that we’re a success.”

About TexPlex Park: TexPlex Park is the one-stop-shop for experiential and corporate events or group outings with everything from outdoor team-building to a variety of other recreational offerings, including motocross, sporting clays, and mountain biking. TexPlex offers 1,000 acres of space for product demonstrations, an indoor gun range with a live-fire simulator, and a 2,000-foot canal for customers to ride in a jet sprint boat captained by a professional driver. TexPlex Park also offers a more than 5-mile-long diverse off-road trail and a 1.8-mile UTV short-course track. For more information, visit

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