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Golfkicks Transform Sneakers into Custom Golf Shoes

Retire Ugly Golf Shoes to Play in Style and Comfort. Outdoor Innovators Launch a Hole-In-One with Golfkicks™. Transforming Sneakers into Golf Shoes with Eco-Friendly Traction Technology


(Denver, Colo.) – May 22, 2018 – The creator of the Sushi Roll® by Fishpond and outdoor technology innovators are proud to announce the Golfkicks™ Kickstarter campaign. Golfkicks are designed to transform sneakers into custom golf shoes.

The founders of Golfkicks are avid outdoorsmen, entrepreneurs and well-known innovators in the sports arena. Golfkicks™ came to fruition when they realized most golf shoes—well, basically suck. “Golf shoes are ugly—they’re uncomfortable and pricey, a lot of people already prefer wearing sneakers on the course. Throw a set in your favorite shoes and be creative and comfortable on the links,” says Tyler Stuart, Co-founder of Golfkicks™.

The Golfkicks™ team have been prototyping, roof testing and hacking up fairways to get the product ready for backing. Investment dollars raised will help the team to continue working with their manufacturing partner to produce a final product that is light on the wallet and the environment.

Stuart adds, “We don’t expect to rid the world of U.G.S. (Ugly Golf Shoes) but Golfkicks will keep your personal style in the fairway even when your ball is not." Some of the features include:

Golfkicks are Easy to Use. It takes less than two minutes to transform sneakers into golf shoes with easy instructions. Golfkicks fit all shoe sizes for men, women and kids. Traction layout patterns are provided in the packaging.

Golfkicks are Affordable. This green fee won’t break the bank. Consumers will pay around $20 for a set of 20 Golfkicks. The average sneaker takes 8-9 cleats per shoe.

Golfkicks are Earth Friendly. There’s no need to throw sneakers in the landfill when they can retire on the golf course. Golfkicks are manufactured with bioresins and recycled material (trashed golf carts and old tees).

Golfkicks to Keep Golf Fun. Golfers are encouraged to get wild with sneaker/traction color combos by choosing from a vibrant palette ranging from hot pink to gold metallic.

The first 200 backers will vote to determine the first three colors to be manufactured. To receive a set of Golfkicks, support the Kickstarter campaign today.

About Golfkicks
Golfkicks™ was founded by outdoor enthusiasts and sportspreneurs with average golf scores in the triple digits. Operating across the Mile High, the team created patent-pending golf gear to retire U.G.S. (Ugly Golf Shoes). Golfkicks are eco-friendly—made of recycled materials and inserted into existing sneakers. Golfkicks fit men, women and kids. To get personal style on the green, visit:

Contact Info
621 Kalamath
Denver, CO 80204

Phone: 7205159168