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NZ Business Glimp is Helping Kiwis Travel Cheaper

New Zealand based business Glimp is now helping Kiwis travel domestically and internationally at a more affordable price with their new online travel insurance comparison tool.


NZ startup company Glimp is now providing the tools that New Zealanders need to get the best deal on their travel insurance - allowing them to travel safely - and cheaper - across the globe.

Glimp’s website was founded in 2016, following a high demand from Kiwis wanting to compare prices on utilities, internet, credit cards, insurance and mortgages. Having provided a platform for Kiwis to compare home and car insurance, Glimp now offers an easy and free solution to compare travel insurance providers and plans.

Co-founders of Glimp, Michael Speight and Denis Tyur’kov launched Glimp after seeing a need in the market for unbiased price comparisons between New Zealand service providers. “Since launching 2 years ago, we’ve had hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders use Glimp.” says Speight. “Thousands of these people have switched providers during this time, allowing them to save big bucks in the long run.”

“It’s extremely satisfying to offer this kind of solution to everyday Kiwis.” adds Tyur’kov. “So many of them aren’t aware that they could be saving hundreds each year by looking into what competitor companies can offer them. The fact that our website is free and easy to use means that everyone can benefit and get good use out of Glimp.”

With the travel insurance comparison tool on Glimp, Kiwis can compare a range of options based on their destination and flying date. The comparison tool will then offer a variety of options likely to suit their travel needs, along with a full breakdown of what is included in the cover of each plan. The entire process of comparing travel insurance companies generally only takes less than five minutes!

Glimp offers comparison services of insurance, mortgages, broadband, power and credit cards completely free of charge, allowing users around New Zealand to ensure they are getting the best deals available in the country.

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