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The Scientology Volunteers Ministers of Florida Help Clean Up Local Orlando Streets

ORLANDO, FL,– Embodying their motto, “Something Can Be Done About It”, Florida’s Scientology Volunteer Ministers (VMs) took to Orange Blossom trail in Orlando early Saturday morning April 21st for a major cleanup effort.


Totaling 44 in number, the volunteers were divided into teams and assigned areas around Lake Ellenor. Supplied with gloves, trash bags, rakes, shovels and trash pickers they took on to the worst affected areas.

The group cleaned up trash and handled safety hazards such as broken glass. One of the teams even pulled a shopping cart out of a pond. After cleaning the cart, they took it back to the nearby supermarket whose manager was thankful for the returned property.

Members of the community observing the cleanup asked to join in and were given supplies to help restore their neighborhoods. In all, 19 bags of trash were collected, weighing a total of 160 lbs.

“We are probably best known for our work when disaster strikes such as hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes,” said Glendy Goodsell, Executive Director of the Florida Chapter of the Scientology Volunteers. “But Volunteer Ministers help every day in small or large ways, wherever there is a need.”

Scientology Volunteer Ministers are trained in helping others on 19 different subjects, including marriage, children, handling a dangerous environment, and improving communication. The training is free, and can be done online anywhere in the world. To learn more, go to or visit

ABOUT THE SCIENTOLOGY VOLUNTEER MINISTERS: The Scientology Volunteer Minister program was launched some forty years ago, in response to an appeal by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard. Noting a tremendous downturn in the level of ethics and morality in society, and a consequent increase in drugs and crime, Mr. Hubbard wrote, “If one does not like the crime, cruelty, injustice and violence of this society, he can do something about it. He can become a VOLUNTEER MINISTER.” Accordingly, in addition to traveling to wherever disaster strikes, Renowned for their disaster relief, Volunteer Ministers have trained and partnered with over 1,000 different groups, organizations and agencies around the world, including the Red Cross, National Guard, Army Cadets, Salvation Army, Boy Scouts and disaster management agencies.

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