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Qwentic Consulting Pvt.Ltd develops comprehensive Energy Management System for Microgrid Developer company

A microgrid company could help save 30% energy due to a Big Data analytics solution that can process more than 10 GB data per day


Microgrid Companies are taking over the energy consumption market in a strategic manner. They can help improve local energy delivery in a very systematic way. Qwentic Consulting Pvt. Ltd recently assisted a Microgrid Developing Company by developing a Big Data Analytics Solution for them. The purpose of this Analytics solution was to monitor Energy Consumption in a particular area with the motive to save Energy.

The Solution consists of different phases namely one of data collection and another of data processing. As many as 800,000 sensors are attached to various energy consumption units in the community such as ATMs and streetlight units. The solution collects and process data from these units to provide insights such as how many units of energy is productively consumed and how many units are being wasted. The solution helped the microgrid developing company track which units were running during daytime and thus wasting energy.

By processing as much as 10 GB unstructured Data per day the solution can give insights to the company regarding real-Time Analytics as well as Predictive Analytics. Predictive Analytics lets the microgrid developer get insights such as which light units will need to be replaced shortly, which light units will consume more electricity than others and more. Based on the result of this Analytics, the Solution has helped the Microgrid Developing Company take required actions to Reduce Energy Consumption. This Data Analytics solution has helped save 30% energy and over $1 million.
Big Data Analytics is now arising as a strategic solution to monitoring Energy Consumptions, especially in this age when the world needs to find sustainable modes of energy consumption.

As CTO, Qwentic Consulting Pvt. Ltd Mr. Pankaj Khairnar puts it,” Big Data Analytics is the solution to critical challenges across a variety of industries. The key lies in identifying these challenges and then developing a solution that is customized to each business.”

Thus, with this solution, Qwentic moves ahead in its foray of developing solutions that span industries as well as technologies.

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