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Darnyelle Jervey Harmon, MBA, Shows Entrepreneurs and Business Owners That Breaking Through is the Only Way to Obtain the Business That They Crave

Darnyelle Jervey Harmon, MBA, Show Business Owners How to Break Down What They Want In Order to Obtain a Business That Serves Them


New Castle, DE - April 26th, 2018 - Step out of your current reality for a moment and imagine a world where all of your needs are well taken care of and you live in abundance. You live in the most coveted neighborhood in your area in a residence that looks like it was ripped from the pages of a luxury home magazine. You drive the type of car whose interior is fancier than the inside of most people’s houses. Or, if family is of the upmost importance, dream about being able to be engaged and available for all of your children’s “little” moments and not just the milestones that you happen to catch in between shifts. Envision how wonderful it would be to live a life a freedom: the freedom to thrive, the freedom of having plenteous resources, the freedom to BE all because of your business.

Business growth strategist and million-dollar business owner of Incredible One Enterprises, LLC, Darnyelle Jervey Harmon, MBA, stands firm in her conviction that this type of liberty is not only attainable, but it should be the standard for entrepreneurs and small business owners everywhere. She doesn’t see the point of having a business if the business isn’t serving you. This perception of a “business serving you” takes a very different look at entrepreneurialism. The widely accepted adage in our culture today is that success comes from hustling and grinding, but Harmon says not so. “It’s not about hustling, grinding or anything else you’ve heard on social media,” she stresses. “Breaking through is the ONLY thing that will grow your business.”

What may surprise most is that Harmon’s view on “breaking through” overrides teachings about better marketing and sales strategies, especially given the fact that she uses marketing and sales along with her 5 other Pillars of Business Optimization in order to take her clients to 6 or 7-figure businesses in a year or less. She’s not opposed to marketing or sales, but she knows that the root of what’s keeping a vast number of entrepreneurs and business owners from the success they truly desire is mindset.

Many may argue that the way they think is fine, however, Harmon’s rebuttal is if you still haven’t yet reached your goals, how you think and view yourself is the reason why. “Your success or the lack there of, is tied to the six inches in between your ears and no amount of marketing or sales strategy is going to change that,” she states. “You don’t need another marketing or sales strategy, what you need is a breakthrough.”

So, how does someone breakthrough exactly? Harmon has the answer. During her 3-day mindset shift incubator called The Breakthrough in Business Event being held May 23rd-25th, 2018 in Wilmington, DE, Harmon is going to lead attendees through what she calls the BREAKTHROUGH BlueprintTM. During this BlueprintTM, participants will be encouraged to voice their deepest desires, face and tackle their fears, and break out of the box they’ve been in for so long. “We’ll laugh together, we’ll pray together, we’ll cry together, we’ll breakthrough together.” Harmon says.

Unlike past events that she has hosted that have had hundreds in attendance, The Breakthrough in Business Event is going to be a more intimate affair due to its in-depth nature. Harmon has only allotted space for 75 guests. Also, this year, she is confidently taking the stage alone to lead others into their breakthrough. “I have ushered myself through the most amazing breakthroughs over the last three years… and it’s all because I broke down what I wanted, I broke out from what was keeping me from it and no longer serving me, and I broke through to realize that I deserved every single bit of it.” Hosting an event with a subject that is as touchy as mindset can be extremely intimidating. Is Harmon nervous? Absolutely not. “I am excited because this is the event that I was born to lead,” she beams.

Harmon bids all those who know that they need a Breakthrough in their life and business to call 888.801.5794 and request to speak with a member of her team. Hurry, because there aren’t many seats left.

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