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IPBC announces a massive rebrand by the end of April 2018

Interplanetary Broadcast Coin SL is a company founded in 2017, with its headquarters located in Tenerife, Spain.


After the successfull launch in February 2018 and after the latest fork mid April 2018, IPBC annouces the rebrand of for the end of April 2018. This comprehensive rebranding will focus on the main axes of the concept behind IPBC, each of them getting its own functional platform: publishing and accessing digital content platform and cryptocurrency platform with built-in miner both and corporate communication media for supporting the community built around IPBC in the last 2 months.

IPBC is not just another actor in the cryptomining world, nore another publishing video content platform: the declared aim to disrupt with the traditional sharing of digital content by adding the innovative payment ecosystem via its browser-based miner raised already the interest of a daily growing community. Yet, the complicated and sensitive dimension of the IPBC project is designed to be of easy use for everyone. By being alert to the needs of the users, as they were expressed in the last 2 months,

The new design of the digital content website surprises by its ergonomy and versatility. New features have been added, like possibility to personalize own screen, more control for the user profile area, possibility to report a copyright violation or to place a claim.

As for the mining, the equity for the IPBC enthusiasts is insured by the new algorithm implemented the 16th of April, which will be friendlier with the regular users/miners than with the ASIC oriented ones.

Last but not least, at the new rebranded corporate-website you will get the whole information about the project, its progress and changes, aswell the latest news.

As stated by Mr. Saber Maram, the Founder and CEO of the company in a recent interview: „The reward system kicks in from the moment the first user views the content (…) and can’t be negotiated or changed by advertising or promotions. Reward distribution is also heavily weighted in favor of creators, who pocket 90% of all earnings generated on the platform. Ultimately, IPBC is focused on benefiting the users (creators and visitors) as opposed to just benefiting the content owner.“

The reactions did not take long to come, the crypto-enthousiasts greet and support IPBC as being „one of the most profesional projects currently build on blockchain, they came out with working product. Today in crypto that is rare.“ (Taegus, Discord user).

Since February 2018, the IPBC Coin was accepted in several cryptotrading platforms like livecoin, tradeogre or Crex24.

Change to more recognisable name is a natural continuation for IPBC after the product and concept being proven. Now the best is still to come with the following features:

Live streaming of content and video upload.
Implementation of the Youtube Connector, an unique tool which facilitates to migrate video content into the new platform.
Change of the algorithm for mining, in order to assure equity for all users.
Implementation on the platform itself of the donation function.
Possibility to embed the videos and streaming on own websites.
Central wallet management for collecting payment and mining.

Future development include a built-in meta tag based search engine as well as a pattern proof checking system, which allows copyright holders to submit as well as claim ownership of their content. You can retrive more information in the IPBC Whitepaper.

The platform is now live and the community around IPBC is already very active and growing by the day.

About IPBC

Interplanetary Broadcast Coin SL is a company founded in 2017, with its headquarters located in Tenerife, Spain.

Interplanetary Broadcast Coin SL
Pol. Ind. San Jerónimo
C/ Ingenios Azucareros, 34
E-38312 La Orotava, Tenerife
CIF: B-76750546

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Interplanetary Broadcast Coin SL
Pol. Ind. San Jerónimo
C/ Ingenios Azucareros, 34
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