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SS8 and entegra technologies, inc. Deliver Next-Generation Cyber Defense for Critical Infrastructure

EntegraBLU™ and SS8 Deliver a Stealthy and Undetectable ICS Perimeter with Continuous Network Threat Detection Powered by SS8


SS8 Networks and entegra technologies, inc. today announced a partnership that will deliver the most capable cyber threat defense for industrial control systems (ICS) – from the ICS perimeter to the internal network.

The EntegraBLU™ Virtual Air Gap technology creates an ICS perimeter that is closed and invisible to hackers. SS8’s network threat detection and behavioral analytics platform then provides a virtual “safety net” inside the ICS network to monitor for anomalous node communication, alerting administrators with device-centric detail. Combined, the partnership provides a stealthy and undetectable ICS perimeter with continuous network threat detection powered by SS8.

EntegraBLU™ servers and clients create and provide access to the ICS enclave. Zero data exchanges are allowed prior to tunnel establishment and only encrypted communications are allowed. This hardware centric solution with a proprietary key exchange mechanism provides a unique level of security and access control rivaled only by a physical air gap. SS8 passively decodes what is happening on the network at the transaction level, the flow level and the session level. The network data is recursively analyzed and device-centric alerts are generated based on behavioral scoring on the network.

“With advanced attacks targeting critical water, power and other critical infrastructure, we need to think differently about how to protect these systems,” said Nancy Shemwell, CEO of entegra technologies, Inc. “Our partnership with SS8 does just that. We are excited to combine SS8’s advanced threat detection technology and network behavior analysis capabilities with our Virtual Air Gaps. This combined solution will give ICS customers an unmatched defense against hackers that extends from the perimeter to the internal network.”
“The most destructive attacks take advantage of time and the network,” said Dennis Haar, CEO of SS8 Networks. “This is where SS8 shines by extracting intelligence from network communications and recursively analyzing network history to take ‘time’ out of the attack. This is a perfect complement to the EntegraBLU technology and will give critical infrastructure entities an unmatched capability for proactively detecting and mitigating to most advanced attacks.”

About entegra technologies, inc.
EntegrBLU™ is a cyber security technology and managed services company based in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. With a focus on defending industrial control systems from increasing cyber-attacks, EntegraBLU™ is an unparalleled cyber security solution, proven and evolved in the intelligence community environment. This highly scalable solution is now ready to be deployed to protect critical public and private infrastructures from a broad array of increasingly destructive and costly cyber-attacks. For more information, visit

About SS8 Networks
SS8, the network intelligence company, provides solutions to help customers quickly identify, track and investigate devices and subjects of interest. By generating, storing and recursively analyzing high-definition metadata records extracted from network packets, SS8 customers gain unprecedented intelligence for investigating what matter most. SS8 is trusted by six of the largest intelligence agencies, eight of the 14 largest communications providers and five of the largest systems integrators. Visit or follow us on Twitter SS8.

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