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FilSon to Start Manufacturing Bag Filter Housing to Global Clients

FilSon Filters, a leading manufacturer of hydraulic filtration systems, has started manufacturing bag filter housing to its global clients.


FilSon Filters, a leading manufacturer of hydraulic filtration systems, has started manufacturing bag filter housing to its global clients. These are lightweight bag filter housings, made from different materials for a range of flow and dirt holding capabilities.

FilSon industry bag filter housings have a mirror polished surface, with excellent sealing capability. Their design makes them a perfect choice in many applications such as food processing, beverage, textile, machining and pharmaceutical industries, among others.

“With a simple design and robust construction, FilSon Bag Filter Housing meets the dynamic needs in all hydraulic filtration systems,” said Mrs. Kunvine Lee, FilSon Filters General Manager. “Every filter housing passes strict quality control to support extremely high flow rates, features agronomic design, excellent sealing, easy to open and clean structure. This reduces possible downtime due to any changeover and optimizes all operations in hydraulic filtration systems.”

So far, FilSon Bag Filter Housing is a low investment accessory, with a long service lifespan for the dynamic hydraulic filtration needs. They come in either single bag filter housing or multi-bag filter housing, depending on the specific requirements of hydraulic systems.

FilSon Filters can make industry bag filter housing from a range of materials. However, to achieve the mirror polished surface, that is resistant to adhesion, FilSon Filters uses mainly stainless steel 304, 316 & 316L.

Also, depending on the filtration needs, FilSon Bag Filter Housing can hold different bag filters, ranging from 0.5?m to 200?m.

To reduce possible downtime in hydraulic systems, FilSon Bag Filter Housing features a rapid opening and closing design. Basically, this ensures fast bag filter changeover thus reducing the expensive costs associated with hydraulic filtration system downtime.

Also, with the bottom outlet and side inlet, it is easy to service FilSon Bag Filter Housing.

In addition to these, FilSon Bag Filter Housings come in both standard and custom designs for a range of flow rates (up to 6,000 GPM). They may include industry bag filter housing with special material, different outlet connections, extra long legs, high flow rates or high pressure ratings.

About FilSon Filters

Since 2001, FilSon Filters has been designing and manufacturing industry standards basket strainers, filter housing, filter carts and filter elements. They are designed to maintain “zero” leakage and contamination free hydraulic systems.

The latest in the product line is FilSon Industry Bag Filter Housing.

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Contact person: Kunvine Lee (General Manager)
Phone: 86-1573-695-8886

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