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“Fight Back Manual” explains how to defend our traditional values, freedoms, and Constitution

New book instructs how to survive the collapse of our civilization


The latest book by Pierre A. Kandorfer offers an easy-to-follow manual: What can I contribute to fight the culture war, save our traditional values, freedoms, and the Western civilization? This is less a book to read than a manual to follow.

Our world appears to be totally upside down. We can’t get rid of the impression that “everything is lost” already. More and more Constitution-loving and traditionally, family-oriented Americans get the feeling that praying is the only thing left. However, we can’t give up. Self-pity doesn’t help anyone. Let’s resist the Marxist takeover of our country. Let’s convey our moral courage and sense our sacred obligation to defend our civilization.

The “How To” book has been published both as a paperback and eBook at Amazon. It answers most questions such as:

How to defend our traditional values
How restore our freedoms
How to fight the culture war
How to oppose Marxism and Islamism
How to restore our freedoms
How to fight Marxism and Islamism
How to fight our political corruption
How to correct our corrupt political system
How to fight global warming fraud
How to reclaim our education
How to fight our media bias
How to practice Christian compassion
How to unite with like-minded people and organizations

Pierre Kandorfer is a veteran journalist with thirty-five years of media background. Being half French, half Austrian, he grew up in the middle of Europe and has written a series of books and thousands of articles. Pierre Kandorfer has a Ph.D., used to be President and Dir. Of Programming of EuroChannel Broadcasting, speaks several languages, taught Communications at a college in Europe, and is considered a media analyst with special focus on media, society and politics.

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