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BITSAA International Breaks Glass Ceiling: Names Sandhya Prakash from Dubai as the First Woman Chairperson

Irrespective of whatever degree they did at Pilani, wherever they came from and whatever their life journey had taken them to, there was one thing all Proud to be BITSians share in common and that is passion for the Alma mater.


A talent bundle and ace at multi tasking, Ms Sandhya Prakash who did her MMS Master of Management Studies during 1987 - 1991, is presently Founder & Managing Director Beacon Energy Solutions & Technology an end to end energy management and renewable energy firm in Dubai UAE. With over two decades of experience, she is not yet another Indian Lady shopping in Dubal Mall but a Dubai based business expert, entrepreneur and EnviroTech professional. With her visionary approach combined with an eye for detail, she champions growth for companies by balancing people, planet, processes and profit. A TEDx speaker, singer, artist and energy activation trainer, she is known globally as a passionate woman leader in the field of sustainability.

Till date BITSAA International had a Chairman designation and with Sandhya Prakash “Sandy” storming in, the designation was transformed yesterday night to Chairperson to facilitate Sandhya Prakash to occupy with pride. She is much more than being a Proud to be BITSian. The BITSAA Global Meet BGM 2017 at Dubai was the first meet beyond India as the first and second BGMs were held at Delhi and Hyderabad. To her credit, Sandhya put the BITSAA Middle East Chapter firmly in place and energized it to be EHV Extra High Voltage alumni chapter.

She played a stellar role in organizing the Silver Jubilee Reunion of her 87 batch which brought one of the largest contingents of BITSian girls participation and her batch put a whopping INR 50 Lakhs fund for mess worker children education. During her student days Sandhya was an active Music Club member and was capable of starting the evening with a Sandhya Vandanam and usher in the morning with a Managala Arati. Having been active in Bird Watching "Cuckoo Club" at Pilani during her BITS days, Sandhya was destined to play a key role along with Vidya Priya Veena for the Rauf Ali Memorial project “Bring the vanishing Peacock back to BITS Pilani” is firmly in place and this year BITS Pilani celebrated World Sparrow Day with lot of fanfare by the Peacock Restoration Team. Sandhya is undoubtedly a showstopper but not a show stealer as she firmly believes that a team needs to be led by example and nothing is achieved alone. She credits fellow BITSians in various teams who have played a great role in her growth as a person.

Sunil Nanda a distinguished alumnus of BITS Pilani who along with his batchmates put the multi crore PRC Pilani Resource Centre at Pilani conveyed “ It is high time BITSAA Leadership went the wiser gender and Sandhya is destined to perform beyond doubt in coming times.” Yet another Distinguished Alumnus of BITS Pilani and multiple award winning Raghu Rajagopal for his Mission with Passion Stem Cell Donor Registry DATRI who is her batch mate says “Beyond doubt Sandhya Prakash is a great organizer and leader and the entire 87 batch is proud of her being named as Chairperson BITSAA International.” Felicitations indeed have started pouring from all corners of the globe.

When Sandhya says “To achieve whatever you want in life, you need to believe in yourself” she very well means it. The entire BITS Alumni fraternity spread across continents covering all latitudes, longitudes and altitudes stand firmly with her to travel the next two years for a glorious journey which continues ……

About BITSAA: BITS Alumni Association (BITSAA) has emerged as one of the strongest alumni networks of any university. BITSAA International engages in charitable and educational activities by raising funds for setting up endowments, creating scholarships, rewarding teaching and research and generally promoting the development of resources at Birla Institute of Technology and Science at Pilani, Dubai, Goa & Hyderabad campuses. BITSAA International also aims to strengthen the ties, friendship and communication amongst former students, alumni faculty and friends of the Institute. BITSAA International provides a number of channels for people to stay connected with each other and with Birla Institute of Technology & Science. Notable other alumni initiatives for BITS Pilani include Guru Dakshina program by 70-75 batch to honour former faculty members, Prof Venkateswaran Faculty Excellence award by Karthik Krishna, Prof SSR Memorial Teaching Excellence Award, Atma Nirbara multi crore Pilani Resource Centre by 75-80 batch alumni and many more.

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