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Kanbanize Announces Major Product Changes

With the introduction of Release 6.0, Kanbanize has evolved to provide its clients with absolute company-wide workflow transparency


The leading Lean management platform Kanbanize has announced a new major product update. With the introduction of Release 6.0, Kanbanize has evolved to provide its clients with absolute company-wide workflow transparency.

At the core of the significant update is a feature called Workflow Designer. It allows users to map precisely different types of workflows on a unified project board by creating unique steps for each flow lane.

Bisser Ivanov, the company’s COO, comments, “To incorporate the new workflow designer, the RnD Team spent several months rewriting large parts of the software. We are confident to say that this is the most significant release in the history of Kanbanize. With the embedded Kanban Portfolio Layers, the new workflow designer breaks the typical Kanban board limitations and enables our clients to truly achieve 100% workflow transparency on all levels of organizational hierarchy.”

The flagship feature of the release is supported by an improved portfolio management functionality. It changes the initial project board template to include both initiative and card workflows. As a result, projects with multiple levels can be visualized and monitored at a single place.

You can find detailed information about the rest of the new additions to Kanbanize in the dedicated announcement on their website.

About Kanbanize: Kanbanize is a Kanban software solution designed to help product and services teams apply the principles of Lean and Kanban to their work and fulfill their goal for efficiency and excellence in the quality of the work they deliver.

Visualizing and limiting the queues in the system on a Kanban board, automating decisions via the Business Rules Engine and being able to measure each step of the process brings a significant boost to the productivity in the development cycle.

About the company: Kanbanize is an innovative and growing company bringing visualization, automation and efficiency to the field of software product development. The company’s customers range from emerging organizations to Fortune 500 enterprises. Kanbanize helps new generation companies and forward-thinking leaders apply the Lean Kanban method to their processes and thus deliver results 3x faster, reduce costs and exceed their own expectations as well as those of their own customers. The management team has 70+ years of combined experience in Product Development, Process Improvements, Lean & Agile.

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