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Award Winning Author Of Children's Books, Dr Nicole, Announces Latest Book In Felix And Booboo Series, 'Charles Hurt Himself Playing: Broken Arm'

Dr. Nicole is a multi-award winning best-selling author, based in Quebec. She writes children’s books that educate, inspire and teach valuable life lessons.


Multi-award-winning children's book author Dr. Nicole has announced the release of a new book in the Felix and Booboo Series, 'Charles Hurt Himself Playing: Broken Arm'. The new book is one of a series of eight books that address medical issues and make them understandable for young children. The goal is to increase the child's understanding of her body and to help eliminate fear of diseases and medical procedures. This series is also available in French (Félix et Boubou) in paperback, Kindle and PDF versions.

A broken bone is a traumatic medical event for many children. In this book, Charles breaks his arm after falling from a swing. With his magical doctor’s bag in hand, Felix takes Charles to the hospital. Booboo and his team apply a cast on his arm. Readers will learn the secret of broken bones healing.

"My true intentions regarding writing this series are to inspire children to read, to set their imaginations free and to encourage good decision making regarding health, safety and critical thinking," Dr. Nicole stated. "Writing children’s books is a way for me to give back and be a positive resource to the community. It is a way that I can positively express myself while having some fun and at the same time be a positive role model for both children and caregivers. Children who break an arm or a leg have many questions. This inspired me to write a book on this medical topic in my Felix and Booboo series."

In addition to broken bones, other subjects covered in the series include gastroenteritis, vaccinations, head lice, allergies, the human body, otitis and chickenpox. All of the books in the series can be used by educators and medical professionals to help kids understand that these types of conditions are normal and are not to be feared or avoided.

In the traditions of Walt Disney and Dr. Seuss, Dr. Nicole breathes life into inanimate objects and wildly entertaining characters that engage children in powerful ways. Through the parent/child interaction, her works develop a love for reading while helping children develop the most important skill of all - critical thinking. If a child can master the art of critical thinking, nearly everything else falls into place.

Dr. Nicole’s books have won numerous international awards. A full listing of the awards can be found on her website.

'Charles Hurt Himself Playing: Broken Arm' has received Readers’ Favorite 5 stars. Mamta Madhavan, a reviewer for Readers' Favorite stated, "I like the way the author has handled the entire process of taking care of Charles from the time he has fallen till he returns to the park with Felix. She explains the procedures clearly and in a very methodical way to young readers. The quiz at the end of the book is fun. The illustrations are charming and they bring the characters, scenes, and concept alive to readers. The author’s experience as a doctor has been put to good use through this book. It is a lovely book to have in one’s personal collection at home as it can be read out to children many times to make them understand what needs to be done in situations like this, when there is a fall and an arm is broken. Educators and tutors can use it in classrooms and school libraries to help children understand the concept."

Dr. Nicole also received recognition as one of Quebec's Top 10 Women by the Maman Dion Foundation. The Maman Dion foundation was founded by Thérèse Tanguay-Dion, known as Maman Dion, a television personality and the Céline Dion’s mother. The Maman Dion Foundation is an educational foundation that provides support to underprivileged children in the form of clothing, eyewear and school supplies.

Dr. Nicole has sold over 150,000 books in her career. She is highly regarded for her work with children’s books and a health guide for families. Her goals are to create in children a love for reading and to create interaction and engagement.

No-charge copies of any of her books are available for University teachers, journalists and members of the media who provide email, website, mail address and phone number.

Dr. Nicole is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below. Journalists who wish to receive a copy of the books for review or might wish to schedule an interview can email All of her English and bilingual works are available on Amazon, AuthorHouse, and other quality book retailers. Free coloring pages are available upon request by sending an email to the author. More information is available at her website.

About Dr. Nicole:

Dr. Nicole Audet holds a Master degree in medical education. She is a professional writer and an engaging speaker. She has worked in Clinical Practice (emergency, family doctor office, University of Montreal affiliated teacher and Lecturer in the Department of Pediatrics of McGill University). She has been the Editor in Chief of the French medical magazine 'Le Médecin du Québec'. She has presented at many international, national and provincial medical congresses and has managed medical teaching clinics, medical magazines and medical research in computer science. Her books have received many international and national awards.

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