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Redline Digital Solutions Launches Dead Drop Affiliate Program

Online Collaboration Software now Accepting Affiliate Partners


Redline Digital Solutions has launched an affiliate program for their online collaboration tool, Dead Drop.

Dead Drop is a cloud-based platform suitable for business to business collaboration. This online tool boasts of bank-level security and collaboration features that help drive business growth. It showcases a project-based structure for sending messages, sharing files, and storing company data. Dead Drop also comes with a powerful calendar that teams can use to coordinate tasks, note events, and define milestones.

The Dead Drop Affiliate Program is open to anyone. It comes with favorable and generous terms, especially for those who are looking into acquiring an alternate steady passive income. The program offers 50% of each sale to affiliates with successful referrals. That’s half of the 79-dollar monthly subscription fee for each successful sale. Unlike the affiliate programs of other software products, Dead Drop commissions are not one-time deals. An affiliate can receive recurring fees for every month, up to 6 months, that their referral is signed up with Dead Drop software.

Additionally, the program has a long cookie duration. A cookie helps track affiliate referral. When a visitor clicks on a referral link within a pre-ascertained cookie period, said referral will receive the link. In the Dead Drop Affiliate Program, the cookie duration is 120 days. A long cookie period means a bigger chance of converting sales.

It is free to join the Dead Drop Affiliate Program. Application for affiliates can be found here: For more information about the program, Dead Drop has provided this helpful page.

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