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ShieldApps Software Innovations Joins the Better World Network

ShieldApps is the first software white label provider to offer its members both AppEsteem Certification-ready products as well as subsidized AppEsteem Premium Services.


ShieldApps is the first software white label provider to offer its members both AppEsteem Certification-ready products as well as subsidized AppEsteem Premium Services.

ShieldApps’ flagship products; Shield Antivirus, Ransomware Defender, PC Privacy Shield and Webcam Blocker – have all passed AppEsteem’s rigorous certification process and are to be followed by the entire ShieldApps’ portfolio.
Founded by a team of Microsoft cybersecurity veterans, AppEsteem certifies software and related services. ShieldApps has met all 125 AppEsteem Certification Requirements (ACRs) required for AppEsteem’s software certification and qualified as a member of AppEsteem’s Better World Network.

“ShieldApps has been providing valuable software to its business customers and consumers for over 10 years now, emphasizing true value and fair play to all business partners and marketing channels. Complying with AppEsteem’s ACRs was a natural next step for us, and we hope that all software providers will follow.” Said Moshe Layani, ShieldApps’ President. “While aligning our software and sales processes to the newly formed protocols did require some changes, we believe that the modifications will eventually better the software vertical on all fronts and enhance our offerings to all customers and partners.”

AppEsteem created its certification requirements – the most comprehensive, consumer-protection oriented guidelines ever developed in the software industry— as part of a cross-industry effort that featured input from leading security companies, software developers, government regulators and consumer groups.
“With our partnership with AppEsteem, we are hoping to accelerate a change in the industry and straighten out foul-playing companies, who have been providing lower-value software products to their users, affecting everyone’s reputation in the process,” said Mr. Layani. “It’s time for the clean players in this industry to be de-stigmatized.” said Mr. Layani.

“The partnership with ShieldApps reinforces a core value both partners share: putting consumers first is – plain and simple – good, smart business,” said Dennis Batchelder, AppEsteem’s President, “By certifying their own apps, and providing incentives to everyone in their vast customer network to do the same, ShieldApps is helping redefine the economic benefits of distributing clean software.”

About ShieldApps
ShieldApps has over ten years’ experience in the software development and distribution channels. ShieldApps has established a spotless reputation within the tech industry by not only providing over 80 million consumers with top-tier products over the years, but also via powering multiple renowned software brands with its technical infrastructure as part of the ShieldApps White Label Program.
ShieldApps’ portfolio includes antivirus and anti-malware software, ransomware protection software, privacy enhancement applications, identity theft protection software, password management and recovery tools and hard drive maintenance tools.

For more information please contact ShieldApps Software Innovations, 5042 Wilshire Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90036, +1 949 207 9949,

About AppEsteeem Corporation
Founded in 2016 and led by veterans of the cybersecurity industry, AppEsteem is dedicated to a simple vision: that consumers should have nothing to fear when installing and using free apps. The company offers technology and services to help the software monetization industry thrive by encouraging the development and distribution of clean apps through a robust set of certification requirements, which AppEsteem developed with input from leading security companies, software vendors, regulators, and consumer groups.
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