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WEBGAP Launches Remote Browser Isolation Private Beta Program

Cybersecurity startup WEBGAP today launched a private beta program for its remote browsing platform, giving qualifying organizations ten free user accounts.


Cybersecurity startup WEBGAP today announced the launch of a private beta program, for its remote browser isolation platform that physically isolates its users from malware, ransomware and web based cyberattacks.

They are inviting organizations who wish to take part in their private beta program up to ten free user accounts and substantial discounts on their production service.

WEBGAP's CTO and co-founder Jun Yang said today "The WEBGAP browser isolation platform leverages a unique grid distributed and containerized architecture that requires approximately 10x less infrastructure than its virtualization based competitors".

WEBGAP's CEO and co-founder Guise Bule said today "WEBGAP offers the most highly scalable and cost-effective remote browser solution on earth, and enables organizations to proactively enhance their overall cybersecurity posture by physically isolating their users browsing activity away from their internal networks", he went on to say"According to Gartner, organizations that isolate their internet browsing experience a 70% reduction in cyberattacks and you can begin protecting your organization today, for free, as part of our private beta program".

Organizations who wish to join the WEBGAP private beta program need to apply by email to from their corporate email address.


WEBGAP is US based provider of remote browser isolation services and the developer of the WEBGAP browser isolation platform. Co-founders Guise Bule and Jun Yang have previously spent eight years building browser isolation production platforms for the US federal government prior to founding WEBGAP.

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