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Top brands showcased at 2018 Winter Tequila Festival

Tequila brands participated at the 2018 Winter Tequila Festival held in different cities in the US.


At Social Scene’s 2018 Winter Tequila Festival held February 17th, a great number of liquor enthusiasts gathered in various venues across six different cities for a tasting event that featured top tequila brands in the country.

The two-hour tasting event, with additional time provided for VIPs, was held in Chicago, Denver, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and St. Louis. The organizers sought to bring together drinking connoisseurs as they connected with one another and tequila brands that participated to educate these participants.

It was an intimate affair that featured food and drink specials, photo opportunities, and the chance for attendees to vote for their favorite brands.

Among these tequila brands that signed up for the event and served their drinks included Maestro Dobel Tequila, El Nacimiento, Exotico Tequila, and more. There were a variety of beverages mixed for the attendees, ranging from blanco, reposado and other tequila blends.

One of the brands noted how great the event was as it featured “lots of very smooth tequilas.” They noted how the guests got to try out different flavors throughout the evening and hoped that someday, there will be another event such as it to be organized soon.

“Your tequila festival was a big success. Keep me on your list for all events you run around the country,” a tequila brand representative said. They were able to feature their beverages to a niche demographic.

The best experiences

The 2018 Winter Tequila Festival is only one of many events from Social Scene organizers. As a company that values experience in each of their projects, the organizers made sure that nobody went home unhappy.

Event manager Tamika Carlton recalled how they got “high-fives” for all the fun moments. The tasting event brought together consumers who laughed and shared stories with one another.

“The venue vibes were all different in each city… Eating, chatting, tasting, and truly enjoying a Saturday afternoon experience was what was seen all around,” Carlton mentioned. “Can’t wait for the next one and a feeling of success all around.”

Some of the venues and bars featured DJs and music, as people grooved to the beats while patiently waiting for their next taste.

Social Scene co-founder William Holdeman said, “We had challenges locally with last minute changes in the few markets though overall the team came together.”

He added, “The feedback has been very encouraging for future events connecting a great audience, venue and their drink of choice, in this case, tequila.”

What’s next?

Trolley bar crawls and whiskey tasting events will be held in cities such as Chicago, Denver, Indianapolis, Minneapolis and St. Louis on March 16 and March 17.

Moreover, a Spring Wine Festival is set to be held on April 21, plus another Tequila Festival for Spring on May 19. There will also be events featuring beer, tequila, and whiskey in May. These will be followed by the Summer Whiskey Festival on the 23rd of June.

Social Scene focuses to bring together a great crowd and energy partnering with venues, and giving them as much exposure on-premise and online, as well as for the brands who they constantly share through a variety of social channels.

The company is about creating brand awareness for its partnering venues and brands, while building relationships and memories for the attendees that come out and the venues and brands they engage with.

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