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IPBC worldwide content distribution platform with a built-in cryptocurrency

Inter-Planetary Broadcast Coin aims to disrupt traditional video sharing platforms with a blockchain-based payment system that rewards creators for fair use.


Interplanetary Broadcast Coin SL, a Tenerife-based software development company, has announced the launch of an open video sharing platform, IPBC, with a unique revenue model based on integrated cryptocurrency.

Distribution of content on the IPBC platform is based on a revenue share model, designed to benefit both consumers and copyright holders. IPBC aims to empower creators by offering a payment solution powered by its own cryptocurrency, IPBC coin. Users can participate in the payment ecosystem via a browser-based miner, the profits of which will be used to pay copyright holders based on how often their content is viewed.

The monetization system also rewards users by allowing free viewing and sharing of content without advertising. According to the company whitepaper, 90% of the mining profits will be shared between content creators and users, with the remaining 10% used to generate revenue for

Saber Maram, the co-founder and CEO of the company, defines the vision of IPBC to be a “worldwide innovative platform, in which performance and reward for copyright are brought to a new fair use level. In the future, this reward will no longer depend on your living area, advertising companies, data service providers or arbitrary decisions.”

“With IPBC, the content owner has direct contact with the market and its users. It is only this market that decides who gets paid, for what data and how high the payment will be. There is no more hierarchy to sort the service data providers, the portals or any other commercial entity.”

The mining pool itself has been designed to be completely transparent. It will only be available to logged in users who have given their explicit consent to the operation.

Main features of IPBC include:

• IPBC Website – web portal and search engine
• Cryptomining as a payment system
• Video portal through the IPFS network
• Broadcasting through P2P and IPFS connections
• Remote control through WebRTC and direct connection

Future development include a built-in meta tag based search engine and a pattern proof checking system. The latter will allow creators to submit content as well as claiming copyright of the material submitted on the platform.

The platform in now live at IPBC token will be unlocked and listed on the LiveCoin exchange on February 21st.

About IPBC

Interplanetary Broadcast Coin SL is a privately funded technology company that specializes in global broadcasting solutions, data security and blockchain technology. Since its launch in 2017, IPBC has obtained partner status with the Berlin based software company RA-MICRO International SE and developed a number of leading software applications including vViewer, an encrypted P2P screen sharing platform. For more information about IPBC, visit

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