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New Link Between Gut Health and Peak Performance Inspires Novel Probiotic Formula

Hyperbiotics Releases Comprehensive Probiotic Supplement for the Athlete’s Microbiome


HENDERSON, Nev.: Leading the way in microbial health solutions, fast-growing wellness company Hyperbiotics welcomes the newest addition to their line of targeted probiotic blends: a supplement for athletes intended to further the sports performance and nutrition industry called PRO-Compete.

With recent studies showing that the gut microbiome of athletes is unique in composition and requires a diverse array of specific beneficial bacteria to optimize energy, endurance, strength, and mental and physical performance, the team at Hyperbiotics got to work formulating a next-generation probiotic supplement tailored to the needs of athletes and sports competitors of various levels.1,2

"By combining the very best blend of probiotic bacteria—including L. plantarum 6595 to support digestive and immune function and promote upper respiratory health—we've developed a formula that covers every aspect of physical training from prep and performance to recovery,” explains gut health evangelist and Hyperbiotics Co-founder Jamie Morea.

Hyperbiotics PRO-Compete contains six targeted strains as well as microbe-supporting FOS to enhance performance by allowing athletes to enjoy respiratory, digestive, and overall health, and avoid momentum-killing down days.

And, thanks to the patented BIO-tract® delivery process, the probiotic organisms in PRO-Compete are released over an 8-10 hour period so they can survive stomach acids and reach the intestinal tract alive, making this formula 15 times more effective than standard capsules or powders. In addition, PRO-Compete includes a guaranteed shelf life without refrigeration with its patented LiveBac® manufacturing process.

“We now know that having the right gut bacteria is essential for peak athletic performance, and we're proud to be leading the way with an effective, natural solution that helps athletes of all abilities go the distance,” concludes Morea.

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