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RiseSmart Study Reveals Critical Need to Support Employees Who Remain After a Layoff

A study by RiseSmart reveals critical need to support employees who remain after a layoff and announced the availability of its newest e-book, What About the Survivors: Taking Care of the Employees Who Remain After a Layoff.


San Jose, CA -- RiseSmart, the leading provider of contemporary career transition services, announced the availability of its newest e-book, What About the Survivors: Taking Care of the Employees Who Remain After a Layoff. Now available for immediate download, the e-book outlines the results of a current survey of HR professionals and reveals that too few organizations effectively plan to take care of employees who stay after a reduction in force.

The study found that when it comes to preparedness, roughly half (43%) of companies are not prepared for the loss of productivity, decreased employee satisfaction, and additional cuts that often follow a reduction in force (RIF). Furthermore, 70% have seen a negative impact on talent acquisition efforts and 81% report a negative impact on brand.

What About the Survivors is a guide for HR practitioners, business leaders, and managers who must retain and maximize workforce potential following a layoff or restructuring event. The e-book identifies current practices around caring for remaining employees and offers “survival tips” to avoid the negative effects of layoffs, including an unfavorable impact on the employer brand, problems with talent acquisition, lack of motivation and confidence amongst remaining employees, and loss of productivity and engagement.

RiseSmart’s research revealed:

The top three challenges employees face following a layoff, and ideas for successful survivor initiatives.
The importance of assessing the emotional state of survivors and the current trends amongst employers to take the pulse of employees.

The trends toward internal mobility as an alternative to layoffs.
Best practices to take care of managers and employees before, during, and after a layoff.

A list of best practices for a future reduction in force.
“Changes in today’s workforce, from automation and mobile technology to a rise in boomerang employees, challenge businesses to rethink HR processes, as well as each step of the employee journey, from onboarding to outplacement,” said Dan Davenport, president and general manager, RiseSmart. “While your organization may not be able to avoid a staff reduction or a reshaping of your workforce, you can take steps to be prepared, including partnering with a proactive, outcome-driven outplacement services provider that can help ensure your brand survival.”

To download the full e-book, visit the RiseSmart website:

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