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Enviromance Novel© Unusual New Genre Insightful Adventure Uncovers Dangerous Environmental Poisons and Explores Truth in Love Communication

Tomatoes, Eggs, Bees, Diabetes, Cashews, Hermaphroditic Animals, Autism, Cotton Seed Oil, Drinking Water, Trees, Bhopal and Honest Information Are Part of the Story.


Louisburg, NC -- The Enviromance Novel©, makes its first appearance. Motivated by his love of nature, the author coined the term to describe his uncommon literary style. Writer-artist, Dana A. Mason, announced the release of his first eBook, The Canary Died. This absorbing adventure reveals the devastating consequences of a series of environmental events that have and/or still are polluting the food chain. This detailed, brain-stimulating experience is for thinkers. It unravels human disease mysteries; strange deaths, mutations, massive land, sea-animal and insect extinctions, loss of a keystone species, and ponders human apoptosis, while it explores honesty in love, science and politics.

Morgan, an environmentalist, picks up a beautiful hitchhiker, Elisabeth, an entomologist. Soon the philosophical banter begins when Morgan tells Elisabeth he wants a completely honest relationship with her. Elisabeth’s sarcasm was quick, “Oh come on now. What planet do you live on?”

They travel with a team from Boston to India to investigate the deaths of numerous farmers, purportedly to have committed suicide by pesticide poisoning. Many local sights and inquisitive conversations add flavor to their adventure. Deep in mysterious caves, Morgan and Elisabeth attend a secret conference about a dangerous situation causing human disfiguration and hundreds of deaths. Their cave experience presents new moral and philosophical questions about agricultural and pharmaceutical chemicals, the human learning experience, truth and sex.

There are unique aspects to the narrative. Detailed work reports and web site articles inform us. Another example is the way the reader hears from ordinary people in the form of blogs, like this one, which connects the reader to one of the many unforeseen consequences of seemingly simple solutions to bothersome agricultural situations:

"...Some rice farmers in Vietnam were killing off relatively harmless python snakes in the rice patties. When the pythons got mostly gone, the rats the snakes had been eating up to now were left free to multiply. Now lots more rats and mice were surviving and breeding and they was eaten more rice. With all of the rats eating the rice without a care, rice production fell to two thirds of what it was. Now farmers are trying to put the snakes back. I think the same type of thing is happening in our fields by all of the spraying. The balance is so screwed up."

The Canary Died is a one of a kind story. Fiction readers who may avoid the news and documentaries will enjoy this alternative source of knowledge. The adventure entertains, frightens, and informs while offering hope with sustainable solutions and protections for many of the problems presented.

For more inside quotes, and an in depth author interview about some of the environmental topics and Dana's writing style please go here:

Dana is a writer, eclectic sculptor, photographer and a human being with great concerns about the health of our planet and most of the people, animals and plants living upon it. He devoted ten years to compile four gigabytes of research and to write this book.

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