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Author Chloe Hung's New Book Hits Amazon’s Bestseller List

Amazon Bestselling Author Chloe Hung celebrates her newest accolade by offering her new book, Strength in Numbers, FREE to those who visit her website.


SINGAPORE, January 29, 2018 - Chloe Hung, an international career and financial consultant turned author, is passionate about the power of actuarial science. In her new Amazon bestselling book, Strength in Numbers: An In-Depth Look at Actuarial Science for Math Enthusiasts, Hung offers insight into what actuaries do and why this field is one of the fastest-growing in the world.

For a limited time, Hung is offering FREE copies of her book, a $32 value, on her website

As an actuary and a lifelong pursuer of mathematical knowledge, Hung realized that her field seemed somewhat inaccessible to many college students, even those who loved math.

According to Hung, “Many students have a tough time deciding on their college degree. They fear making the wrong choice. Some are really passionate about math but have no idea which path to pursue in university. Some may have heard of actuarial science but have no idea what is it all about.”

Her new book, Strength in Numbers, puts those fears to rest and offers a simple, candid look at actuarial science.

Designed to benefit both novice actuaries and those with years in the field, Strength in Numbers is packed with practical tips and useful insights about the actuarial industry. The book offers advice on how to pursue a math passion as an actuary; the requirements for the degree; tips for selecting the right school; the facts about the actuarial industry; the best way to land an internship or full-time job; the skill set required to be successful as an actuary; challenges faced by the profession; and misconceptions about actuaries. Strength in Numbers will help students decide definitively if actuarial science is the right course for them.

Critics are supportive of the book, noting: “Strength in Numbers demystifies what actuarial science is all about and why students should or should not pursue this path. If you want to learn about this mysterious industry that is relatively unknown to many around the world, read this book!”

Author Chloe Hung is currently accepting interviews and is eager to provide professional comments or pen articles for journalists who share the same passion in this subject matter. Interested media professionals are encouraged to contact the author directly.


During her years as a student, author Chloe Hung found actuarial studies to be particularly challenging and often wondered if she had made the right decision to study this topic. She also struggled to find a job in the industry upon graduation. After learning more about investing and applying her math skills to this field, Hung learned the secrets of how to use actuarial science outside of the industry. She now shares this knowledge with readers in her new book, Strength in Numbers.

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