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AquaBlok Proves Effective for Stopping Leaks in Anti-Seep Collar Project in Napoleon, Ohio

The bentonite-based sealing material has been successfully applied in several canals, levees, reservoirs, dams, and around pipelines.


Swanton, OH -- AquaBlok, Ltd., manufacturer of the bentonite-based sealing material, AquaBlok, is pleased to report the successful application of their product in a basin rehabilitation project in Columbus, OH. A range of additional geotechnical projects have also been performed across the United States and Canada.

AquaBlok is a composite particle typically consisting of crushed aggregate, polymer, and bentonite. The material swells when hydrated and coalesces to form a flexible, but cohesive, low-permeable seal. Hydraulic conductivity of 5X10-7 or higher can be achieved without mechanical compaction. Several municipalities, as well as the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), have approved AquaBlok for applications, such as dam construction and rehabilitation, due to its superior ability to:

- Provide a low-permeable seal without mechanical compaction
- Remain pliable after hydration
- Provide reliable, targeted placement

In Napoleon, the objective was to cut off chronic seepage around two PVC pipelines that were associated with a geothermal loop system adjacent to a residential pond. Nearly 4,800lbs of AquaBlok were used to encapsulate the 2" pipes and fill the trench, which extended approximately 6ft in either direction. Material was installed without drawdown to the pond, and water entering the trench was used to hydrate and expedite the sealing process.

Placement of AquaBlok took less than 30 minutes, with the entire project being complete in one morning. Seepage rates reduced within a matter of hours and stopped completely within 48 hours.

Since completion of the project, the anti-seep collars have shown no signs of failure and are functioning as intended.

Many basins, canals, levees, and reservoirs suffer from a range of conditions that cause ongoing leaks. Such conditions include porous or permeable soils, compromised soil liners, faulty control structures (i.e. pipes, spillways, and dams), remnant field drainage tiles, and other natural or construction-related issues.

Once a leak is identified, few options exist to create an effective seal without first draining the water from the basin. The cost and disruption to life in the system is particularly significant in more mature waterways. Additionally, in holding or settling ponds, such as CCR basins, and similar settings, significant safety issues exist. Disruption of operations can also occur, if the basin needs to be drained or taken out of service for repair.

Recent successful applications of AquaBlok material also include use as an anti-seep collar around pipelines to limit erosion from the migration of water along bedding materials.

"What's perhaps most exciting about AquaBlok is its versatility in the field," says the company's Geotechnical Sales Manager Kevin VanTuyl. "As the installations and uses of the product have expanded, its attributes become more known to engineering and professionals in erosion control and construction industries. We are finding an increasing number of applications where time and cost-saving advantages over conventional practices and remedies have been proven."

AquaBlok is currently available in both 50lb paper bags and 2400lb flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) bags for larger applications.

Pricing for AquaBlok is comparable to bentonite alternatives. Specific pricing is available upon request and is dependent on the quantity purchased. Contact AquaBlok for more information.

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