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Epic Fantasy Author Pushes Societal Boundaries For Christian Fiction

Heart: the driving force of every good story. Too many authors shy away from tough issues in their novels, but D.M. Kurtz does just the opposite. In a quick-paced and in your face kind of way, he struts boldly into the weakness of the human heart as he explores certain harsh decisions that must be made at times, even by those who proclaim a Biblical faith.

D.M. Kurtz has worked hard to create a new world of darkness, magic, creatures and intrigue that is displayed in a way that is reminiscent of Tolkien, Jordan and Lewis; but with a unique and fresh format that beckons to readers of all demographics.

His debut novel Retribution won a silver 5-star award from the popular online editorial magazine Readers Favorite just six months from its initial publication, and it has received glowing support from its readers.

“…The Redemptive Chronicles will be fantasy on an epic scale and Retribution sets the tale up nicely… All the elements of good fantasy are present in Retribution; mind control, politics, and greed for power. Throw in a few dragons and you have a great book with all the makings of a fantasy classic.” – Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers Favorite

“This is my first of which I hope are many books by D.M. Kurtz.” – Sarah James

“I love this book. The characters were well written and easy to bond with.” – ShutterBug_76
D.M. Kurtz currently resides in Texas with his compassionate wife, beautiful daughter and two crazy canine companions.

“I aspire to inspire, for the good of those who read.” – D.M. Kurtz

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