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Argentina Welcomes its Newest National Park

Argentina has officially inaugurated the country's newest National Park, El Impenetrable, in the northern province of Chaco.


Argentina’s latest national park is finally official. Located in the country’s northern province of Chaco, El Impenetrable is formally opened for business following its inauguration ceremony, held on August 25, which was presided by Cabinet Chief Marcos Peña, Environment Minister Sergio Bergman and the province’s governor, Domingo Peppo.

At 48 million square meters of protected forest, El Impenetrable is the biggest national park in northern Argentina, and tourism experts hope that it will become a leading tourist attraction for the country. The national park is home to diverse populations of large mammals such as the puma, maned wolf, giant armadillo, tapir, giant anteater, and three species of peccaries. It also might again become home to jaguars, if a population could be reestablished. Hundreds of bird species including the crowned eagle, jabiru, blue-fronted amazon, black-bodied woodpecker, Chaco chachalaca, skimmer, and rufous-fronted thornbird occupy El Impenetrable’s well-conserved native forest.

In 2014, there was a widespread marketing campaign to garner support and protect the 48 million square meters of forestlands. Thanks to the campaign’s efforts, more than 30 organizations joined together, including NGOs, business, and government officials. Ultimately, the law was passed to bring the park into existence.

El Impenetrable National Park is truly a natural gem of Argentina and will serve as a potential catalyst for nature-related economic development in one of the country’s poorest regions. Argentina’s leading tourism companies, such as Say Hueque Argentina & Chile Journeys, are expected to create customized experiences to showcase the country’s newest national park while working to continue conservation efforts and promote sustainable travel in the region.

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