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Time is Money: The Most Expensive Time On Earth - The Cost of a Nanosecond in U.S. Electronic Trading Markets $50,000+

A new artificial intelligence startup “A for AI” analyzed stock prices around the world and found that the most expensive nanoseconds on Earth are located in US equities markets.


London, UK -- A for AI’s research analyzed exchange market data and found that the US equities electronic trading markets, are the world’s fastest and most expensive. At peak times, if trading firms were 1 nanosecond late to the market, it could cost them more than $50,000 a trade. There are 1 billion nanoseconds in 1 second. A blink of a human eye takes more than 100 million nanoseconds.

“If time is money, then how much does it cost? What is the cost of the most expensive unit of time?” said Massoud Maqbool, Founder and CEO of A for AI. “Everybody in the world has heard of time is money, I wanted people to think differently, to re-examine the obvious and if possible, to also try to do some social good at the same time.”

“AI will challenge conventional wisdom. In order for humanity to obtain the full benefits of AI, non-linear thinking will be needed,” said Maqbool.

A for AI’s first ‘Think Differently’ research report, ‘Time is Money: The Most Expensive Time on Earth - The Cost of a Nanosecond in U.S. Electronic Markets 2017...$50,000+’ is technically free, but the free version will not be released for a number of months. However, because time is money, anyone who makes a $10+ donation will be able to read the report much earlier, on Dec 31th 2017. Free excerpts of the report are available at their website

A for AI is donating the majority of revenue generated from this report to a number of charities and social causes. A for AI is currently inviting corporate sponsors and advertisers to participate by ‘Sponsoring a Nanosecond for Charity’.

A for AI is also inviting social media users to participate by suggesting their favorite charities and why they are their favorite, using the hashtag #Nanosecond4Charity. A number of charities selected by social media will be added to A for AI's additional causes.

100% of the report’s $10+ sales (minus card fees) will be donated to Doctors Without Borders, Oxfam, Red Cross and the UNHCR.

Sponsor A Nanosecond for Charity:
51% of corporate sponsorship/ads will also be donated to DWB, Oxfam, Red Cross and the UNHCR.
25% will be donated to additional causes
24% to AI for AI and its Sponsor/Ads Ambassador program. Ambassador's can donate 10% to a charity of their choice or start a new charity.

"AI will have a profound impact on the future. Today’s children learn the English language with ‘A for Apple’, tomorrow’s children will learn with ‘A for AI’" said Maqbool.

About A for AI:

- A for AI makes AI learning, as easy as learning ABC. A for AI thinks AI tools should be accessible for everyone, not just the limited (and largely male), technical few.
- A for AI helps individuals and corporations- ‘Think AI, Train AI, Use AI’.
- A for AI believes, the ‘A for Apple’ era, is ending, it believes the future, is ‘A for AI’.
- A for AI is currently focusing on using AI for social good. It will share its AI knowledge via running Pop-Up Start Ups around the world, that will be focused on positive social change.

Killer AI Robots vs Killer AI Viruses:

“Everybody talks about killer AI robots. While it is possible, that, humanity’s demise will come from future AI robots, the more immediate and higher probability threat will come from super-charged AI Nano Bot Viruses, that are trained to exploit multiple security holes, infect and reinfect all networked devices. These infected devices could be used to create massive denial of service attacks, or all of these devices could be “bricked” en masse. Both would cripple the internet. Computer viruses like WannaCrypt show the damage an individual ‘lone cyber wolf’ can unleash world wide. Getting nations to sign non-killer robot treaties are great but AI viruses will create chaos in the present. Humanity’s first line of defense against these new AI threats will come from new sources, such as current corporate AI titans. These ‘AI first’ corporations are at the cutting edge of AI, their resources will be needed.” said Maqbool.

Contact Info
A for AI
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Phone: +447424692750