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Yolla Calls Announce Full iPv6 Support

Yolla is an international calling app which is the first one on the market fully supporting iPv6 connection on all the carriers.


Tallinn, Estonia, Date – Some time ago users with certain carriers all over the world started having major troubles while proceeding calls with Yolla. The same thing would happen with other popular calling apps: Viber (including Viber Out), WhatsApp, Skype and some less known such as Rebtel or Roamer. It happened because the carriers had moved to iPv6 (Internet Protocol v.6), which has been a disturbing issue since then.

While connected to Wi-Fi, users make calls as usual. However, the moment they call via 3G/4G or LTE, nothing happens. Yolla team took the case seriously. An enormous amount of work and tests were made to get following results: the deal was in iPv6. Some carriers moved to this type of network, while apps have not. Calls just do not go.

Not every app consider iPv6 integration though. Yolla QA team has made some tests to find out that all of the top calling apps have not done that yet. Skype or Viber, for instance, would not even let you start a call in iPv6.

On the other hand, Yolla has implemented iPv6 support a while ago. In spite of the carrier, everyone can make unlimited app-to-app as well as cheap Yolla Out calls on any available number worldwide.

Yolla is an app designed for international calls. It offers free unlimited app-2-app calls between Yolla users and cheap VoIP calls on any number worldwide. The app runs on both iOS and Android platforms and has a web interface. Users can get free credits by inviting friends, watching ads, and joining testing programs (the last two options are to be announced). Yolla always shows phone numbers with a Caller ID feature, which is widely used by business callers.

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