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Innovaccer Deploys CIS™ Product Suite at StratiFi Health

StratiFi Health, a physician services and population health organization with over 500 PCPs partner with Innovaccer to make over a million lives healthier across the southwest United States


San Francisco, California -- StratiFi Health, a physician services and population health organization, is further advancing their population health management initiatives in partnership with Innovaccer, a leading San Francisco-based healthcare platform company. StratiFi Health’s Population Health division now leverages Innovaccer’s Care Intelligence System™, Datashop, to enhance care outcomes through accurate identification of at-risk populations and streamlined care coordination.

StratiFi Health deploys its care management and utilization strategies through a team-based care model. StratiFi Health in partnership with physicians, shapes the patient’s care path as well as improves their experience as they navigate the complexities of the healthcare system. Today, a team of over 500 primary care providers (PCPs) utilize Innovaccer’s technology to make over a million lives healthier across the southwest United States.

“At StratiFi Health we seek to empower our physicians and help the communities in which they operate, thrive. Our partnership with Innovaccer allows us to better accomplish this mission through the utilization of the Care Intelligence System™, Datashop,” said Christopher Crow, M.D., CEO of StratiFi Health. “We look forward to working with Innovaccer for a unified purpose to transform the health and well-being of our communities through advanced technologies and coordinated care.”

Innovaccer’s Care Intelligence System™ enables a unique view of the physician’s practice and patients, which gives the care management team reconciled medical information for all patients with metrics tracked on 20 quality measures. It also allows StratiFi Health to negotiate payer contracts with continuous performance monitoring for five different contracts.

“StratiFi Health is making a huge difference in the healthcare industry by uniting independent physicians. Innovaccer is proud to partner with a population health organization that has been successful in making over a million lives healthier,” says Abhinav Shashank, CEO of Innovaccer. “We share StratiFi Health’s vision of delivering transformational care by bringing care teams together to create impact at scale on population health.”

About StratiFi Health

StratiFi Health exists to improve the health of communities by providing Physician Practice Services and Population Health Services, that proactively shape the patient’s healthcare experience. Grounded in deep physician practice expertise, and born from over 50 years of owning and operating physician practices, StratiFi Health appreciates the most important relationship in health care that is the physician-patient relationship. Informed by data in everything we do, StratiFi Health leverages information from all aspects of the patient’s health to assess and direct high-value outcomes.

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About Innovaccer

Innovaccer Inc is a San Francisco, California-based, healthcare platform company easing care teams’ transition to a value-based future through its Care Intelligence System™. Innovaccer’s aim is to simplify complex data from all points of care, streamline the information, enable point-of-care decision-making, and realize strategic value-based goals based on the intelligent insights and predictions from care data. Its proprietary product, Datashop is the Care Intelligence System™ for healthcare that enables provider organizations to use data as a source of innovation. It has been deployed across 15 countries at academic institutions, governmental organizations, and several healthcare bastions such as Mercy ACO, Compass Medical, StratiFi Health, Catalyst Health Network, Osler Health Network, and PHIX HIE.

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