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Tri State Sports Takes Punta Cana

Tri State Sports’ esteemed team members attended an all expenses paid trip to Punta Cana. A recently promoted Manager and Assistant Manager discussed their impressions from the trip.


RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ – The Tri State Sports team emphasizes merit-based rewards in exchange for strong work ethic, which is evident in their annual incentivized trips. The team traveled to a national conference in Punta Cana for an awards ceremony, but primarily for well-deserved free time to recognize their efforts.

Assistant Manager, Devin S., outlined the highlights of the trip for him on both a personal and professional level, his impressions of the awards ceremony, and his new goals since returning from the trip.

“Meeting other managers who were breaking records and achieving their goals while realizing they are just regular, relatable people was a huge takeaway for me,” Devin said. “It made achieving that level of success seem more attainable.”

Devin also mentioned that one of the speakers at the awards ceremony had an impact on him. “The keynote speaker talked about how body language can affect the amount of confidence with which you approach situations, and standing in the ‘power stance’ for two minutes per day can make a difference,” Devin said. “I’ve been putting that into practice.”

“The entire experience was amazing,” Devin said. “Not only was it great to just get some relaxation time in and network with people whom I want to emulate, but there were incredible incentives and prizes- someone won a raffle with the choice of $50,000.00 or a Ford Raptor!”

Devin elaborated that moving forward, his goal is to network with more managers within a close proximity to him in the Tri State area so he can absorb as much as he can from them. His goal for next year’s trip is to win Rookie Manager of the Year.

Additionally, recently promoted manager Paul B. provided an account of his experiences on the trip regarding his takeaways, the highlights for him, and his new goals after networking with some of the top producers in the industry.

“Above anything else, the ability to network and hear the stories of the managers winning awards and getting promoted was the biggest highlight for me,” Paul said. “Seeing the level of success of people who are at such a young age is incredible to me and also motivates me to strive for more.”

Paul added that a few of the award winners reiterated the quote: “Fall down seven times; get up eight,” and that it resonated with the experiences he’s had throughout his career so far and the resilience that it takes to grow in the Management Training Program.

“Aside from the professional benefits from attending the trip, it was a great opportunity to continue building relationships with my team as well as teams from other offices,” Paul said. “Moving forward, the goal is to promote five new Team Leaders in the next month and set us up for a strong 2018.”


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