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2nd International Conference on Future Education: Effective Learning in an Age of Increasing Speed, Complexity and Uncertainty

A new paradigm in education is essential to shift the focus from mass production of standardized citizens to fully develop the minds and personalities of youth. They must think and act independently and creatively to refashion society according to a new vision and values. The international conference on Future Education will identify practical measures to meet the needs and aspirations of major stakeholders — youth, students, teachers, employers, workers, research institutions, governments and civil society.


The conference is conducted at Roma Tre University, Rome, Italy in collaboration with the World Academy of Art & Science and World University Consortium on November 16-18, 2017. The multi-stakeholder approach and structure of the conference will make it possible for participants to organize or participate in special sessions dedicated to in-depth exploration of specific topics ranging from subject content, pedagogy and learning technologies to social and economic impact on issues such as employment, skills development, business development, innovation, social power, citizenship, cultural diversity, personal development and individuality.

The keynote addresses will be delivered by Edgar Morin, the eminent French educator-philosopher-sociologist, and David Perkins, leading author and distinguished professor of education at Harvard University Professor.

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