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"She" by Charity Ekeke An Indicator 2017 May Be The Next Year of the Woman

Nigerian born singer, composer and producer Charity Ekeke has just released her debut album "She" followed by a North American radio and press campaign to promote it.


The January 2017 Women's March on Washington may have been an early indicator that this year may be a return to 1992's Year of the Woman. Now with the release of Charity Ekeke's album which is titled "She" that early indicator is looking less and less like a slim possibility and more and more like a potential reality. Women have a voice and as Ms. Ekeke embodies and demonstrates on "She" it's one that is able to rise from a sweetly soft whisper to a lioness' mighty roar in the mere bat of an eyelash.

Born on the African continent in the nation of Nigeria, Charity Ekeke came to America with dreams of becoming a successful musician. For 20 years the demands of marriage and raising a family forced her to put those dreams on the back burner. During that time she witnessed and experienced many things as an African woman living in the USA. "She" is a "women's album" which chronicles her observations about the treatment of women around the world. The rights and issues, as well as the inequity women must deal with are what "She" is all about.

A North American radio and press campaign has been launched to promote "She". This empowering feminist work from Charity Ekeke features the single "If the Roles Were Reversed" is expected to not only hit Alternative and World music regional radio charts as it steadily climbs to the top of broadcaster's play lists throughout the USA and Canada, but it is anticipated to appear on national radio airplay charts throughout North America. The music video for the "If the Roles Were Reversed" single is now up and ready for viewing on her YouTube channel.

For Charity Ekeke "She" is a collective voice that must be heard and has been for far too long one that's been overlooked. Her press kit will be provided upon request to all members of the media by contacting the representative listed below. She is currently available for interviews and/or appearances. Additional news, updates and current information about upcoming events may also be found regularly at:

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