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WeeTect Opens Door for Customizing Niche Market Helmet Visors

WeeTect, a leading manufacturer of helmet visor coating technologies, today opened the door for customizing niche market helmet visors.


WeeTect, a leading manufacturer of helmet visor coating technologies, today opened the door for customizing niche market helmet visors. From today, WeeTect will customize helmet visors for sporting, industrial and military applications, depending on the specific needs of its OEM clients.
OEM businesses in the helmet visors industry, with the help of WeeTect team will design unique visors that meet their specific market niche requirements. Opening door for customizing niche market helmet visors will help WeeTect clients remain competitive and provide unlimited safety solutions.

“Our R&D team alongside the technical staff in Foshan laboratory will cooperate with WeeTect partners in designing and implementing every aspect of these technologies,” said Mr. Taylors Lei, the WeeTect Product Manager. “WeeTect partners will have access to over 19 different helmet visor technologies, depending on their specific needs and requirements.”
For more than a decade, WeeTect has been researching and upgrading different technologies for niche market helmet visors. Through this initiative, the company has expanded to the European and American Markets.

By opening doors to customizing helmet visors for different market niches, WeeTect intends to implement the following functions:
Basic functions for helmet visors; WeeTect has invested in over 8 different technologies to guarantee optical class 1 of helmet visors. Therefore, OEM clients can choose from the following: UV resistant, chrome coating, mirror coating, surface tinting, hydrophobic, anti-scratch, anti-fog coating, etc.

Upgraded function for customizing helmet visors; among the key technologies OEM clients can choose for helmet visors include photochromic, super abrasion resistant, fire retardant (resistant), electrical heated shield, shatterproof, chemical resistant, etc.
These technologies offer advanced performance characteristics, hence, suitable for specialized functions.

Military functions; this is the first time WeeTect will be expanding the use of its military technologies to other helmet visors. Depending on the specific niche market requirements, WeeTect clients can choose from laser protection (reflective), head up display, ballistic, radiant heat resistant, molten metals and hot solid resistant.

Customizing niche market helmet visors is part of WeeTect’s effort to make its new generation of helmet visor technologies accessible to all its OEM clients.

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About WeeTect

WeeTect Material Limited manufacturers lens & visors for OEM businesses. Since 1993, the company has invested in R&D, producing many polycarbonate coatings.

The company has developed a range of coating technologies for basic, upgraded and military functions. It has now begun customizing niche market helmet visors.

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