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GM Premium Tools Launches a Versatile Design Template Tool

Unique multipurpose design template tool which can be used for layout process by quickly forming to the shape of the work area; and being used as a stencil for cutting work-pieces.


GM Premium Tools, a leading professional designer of multi-functional design products is happy to announce the launch of their Angleizer template tool. The tool is a versatile multi-angle ruler for carpenters, craftsmen, architects, engineers among other hands-on professionals and DIYers in the construction field. The durable stainless steel ruler will help the professionals deliver accurate designs faster with more ease as compared to other conventional products currently available in the market.

“This has been one of the most highly anticipated enhancements requested by our customers,” says Gil Morhaim, the CEO of GM PremiumTools. “We’re proud to be delivering new tools that you can’t find anywhere else in the construction industry. Our team has completely rethought and re-engineered the way design tools are tailored to optimize their use. The Angleizer template tool is a favorite tool for many carpenters and craftsmen.”

During the launch, Mr. Gil Morhaim demonstrated how the tool works and its capabilities. In addition to highlighting all the features of their new design tool, he also added that the product and all its details will soon be available on their website, currently available on Amazon page for millions of customers from all over the globe. Based on the demonstration, the Angeleizer Template Tool is a good deal for designers because of the following reasons:

Multipurpose: Unlike other design tool packages which a single component can only be used for one intended use, the Angelizer tool can be put to multiple uses. Most rulers can only be used for measuring distances, this can be used to measure distances and angles, providing stencils for cutting work-pieces. This means its many tools in one.
Premium Quality: The tool is made of stainless steel which is ideal for the harsh conditions of the typical construction environment. This means it can take in a lot of tension and compression before it breaks so it will last longer and serve the user longer that the conventional design tools.
Money back guarantee: GM Premium Tools has also announced that they will make shopping risk free for everyone who would like to try the product out. In case a customer doesn’t like it, the company gives 30 days full money back guarantee.
Bonus gift: As a way of appreciating the customers, every purchase will come with a free multi-colored carpenter pencil and free protective flannel bag.

For more information on GM Premium Tool’s Angeleizer Tool, a private briefing, images or videos, please visit their Amazon page on

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