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Anger Room® Is coming to LA!!!

Anger Room is coming to los Angeles Saturday, November 4th 2017. Tickets are on sale now! Don't miss out on our 2nd visit to your land that will sure to be the talk of the town!


Join us for our 2nd Year in Los Angeles!!!
If we visited you twice, it must be nice, Right?!?
......Realllll Nice;)

For 1 Day ONLY, Anger Room® will be taking over LA by storm
to allow all of you SOB's a taste of the AR experience & the absolute Joy
that comes from Bashing shit up!

This is an exclusive BYOS (Bring Your Own Shit) event
and tickets will sell out fast!

So get prepared, start working out today, because when we arrive
November 4th, we are going to make you bust a sweat!!
Come solo, snatch a friend or bring your F*%ing crew because
Anger Room® is coming LA just to lash the hell out with you!

Also, Along with ticket sales we will be accepting Donations so that we may give the proceeds to a Los Angeles Charity in need during our visit or will provide for the homeless if we can't locate a deserving charity. We will post this live on FB as proof and you can be mentioned as a donor if you'd like at that time. We're not all that bad! We definitely like to give back to more than just our communities, but yours as well, Everyone needs a helping hand one way or another! Donation option is also on this page.

Now the serious & boring stuff, that you must acknowledge:

This is a ticket only event, NO door sales accepted whatsoever!

Once sold out that's it, so don't ask, beg or plead with us because we can't work miracles.

Yes, you do need to bring your own shit because we aren't bringing stuff from Texas to LA, there's plenty breakables in LA and we are going to help you recycle them!!! ...the FUN way;) Hell, we even got to clean up your shit, so shut the hell up & donate!

All bashing time will be general & equally set for ALL participants. Because this is a 1 day Tour, we want to give everyone their fair chance of breaking stuff, so NO additional time or customization's will be allowed/offered. Because of this, We will not disclose the time frame to you until your arrival. You may however buy more tickets for yourself but we assure you, we will wear you out the 1st time! One ticket will be enough.

All donated items should be brought the day of the event, at the time of your arrival or no earlier than 2pm PST. NO explosive, hazardous, sharp or ammunition based items allowed. If you have to question it, its probably a bad idea but feel free to ask us anytime for pre-approval. Weapons are allowed but under the same regulations as the donations. Please don't get turned around & lose your money for stupid reasons. Beeee Goooooooood;)

Your ticket ensures your entry and participation but does not secure a time, so please expect a line, we will not start or open the doors prior to 3pm PST.

This is NOT a permanent AR location so there will be no hanging out or lingering during the event, we want you guys in & out, safe and feeling good.

NO video or photography will be allowed once you enter the facility. There are several reasons for this but for the safety & privacy of all, Don't f**king try it! All phones & devices will be collected at the door upon entry & returned to you after you exit. Violators will be escorted out immediately. However, outdoor photos, videos, snaps, live, etc are allowed, we know you want to tag & brag!

After your ticket purchase you will receive a confirmation email with important info including the waivers you must complete before the event. Don't be THAT person who doesn't read & follow directions, ok!

Finally, we do not care what you do or have going on, ALL TICKET SALES ARE FINAL, this means...NO DAMN REFUNDS! So sell them, gift them or save them for another visit but we are not going there with you. We are all adults so know what you are purchasing and be responsible, Period.

Well, alright!
Now that we got that out the way, we hope you are ready for what we are about to unleash on your ass! Yes, we are rude, Yes, we are uncensored and Hell yes we like to have fun while doing it!

So Bring your attitude, bad mouth, f***ked up situations, issues and whatever other angry shit you got going on because that's what we are here for and we definitely got a natural F'ing remedy for that!

Thank You for being such awesome followers and fans!
And we look forward to having you a our newest LA customers as well.
Hang tight, get your spot locked in because Los Angeles here
Anger Room® Comes!!!
Turn UP!!!

Contact Info
Anger Room®
PO Box 601493
Dallas, TX 75360

Phone: 8444438623