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Snapfulfil solves warehouse management mystery for Hunt A Killer

Fast-growing subscription box service, Hunt A Killer, has selected the Snapfulfil Cloud WMS.


Fast-growing subscription box service, Hunt A Killer, has selected the Snapfulfil Cloud warehouse management system to power its new fulfillment center.

Capitalizing on the growing interest in true crime storytelling and interactive entertainment such as escape rooms, Hunt A Killer runs a membership program in which ‘hunters’ receive a monthly box containing letters, clues, codes and ciphers which they must use to try to catch a fictional serial killer. Launched in October 2016, Hunt A Killer currently has around 16,000 active subscribers and is experiencing continued exponential growth, signing around 5,000 new members each month, each of whom receives the first ‘episode’ in the series.

To support this, the company recently signed the lease on a new distribution center in Baltimore, MD and needed a best of breed warehouse management system to drive the efficient fulfillment of its monthly subscription boxes – each containing between five and 11 unique items, integrate seamlessly with its Cratejoy e-commerce platform and provide a robust and scalable platform for growth.

Thanks to its leading expertise in supporting hyper-growth for e-commerce and subscription commerce retail operations, Snapfulfil was Hunt A Killer’s go-to warehouse management system vendor.

“By partnering with a leading warehouse management system we will be able to serve new and existing members in the most efficient way possible. Snapfulfil’s track record in the subscription commerce space spoke for itself while their No Capex model and inclusive monthly subscription sealed the deal,” said Ryan Hogan, co-founder and CEO of Hunt A Killer.

He continues: “As well as the baseline efficiencies inherent in moving from paper to system-driven warehouse operations, Snapfulfil will drive the introduction of specific best practices based on their experience in our sector. The system has all the functionality we need, now and in the future, and will be a key enabler and engine of our continued growth.”

Hunt A Killer joins a growing roster of subscription commerce companies using the Snapfulfil Cloud WMS, including Loot Crate, MeUndies, Petflow and Winc.

About Synergy NA Inc.

Synergy NA Inc. is the US subsidiary of Synergy Ltd, a software house which specializes in warehouse management technologies and solutions.

For more than 40 years, the company’s systems have been powering the warehousing operations of some of the world's most successful companies.

Synergy was one of the first companies to recognize the potential of cloud technology as a platform for a best of breed warehouse management system. Its multi-award winning Snapfulfil WMS was architected for the web in 2007 and is now used in warehouses throughout Europe and America.

About Snapfulfil

Snapfulfil is the multi award-winning warehouse management system from Synergy Ltd.

Snapfulfil is a functionally rich, best of breed WMS which can be deployed in a variety of ways to meet the operational and financial needs of any warehouse, large or small. It is currently deployed in warehouses throughout Europe and America, with 100,000+ users logged in last year. Built on over 40 years of experience, Snapfulfil is one of the most adaptable and scalable warehouse management systems on the market, offering fast implementation and rapid return on investment.

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About Hunt A Killer

Hunt A Killer (HAK) is a murder mystery entertainment service that challenges its players to hunt and catch a killer through its interactive monthly membership boxes and premium one-time experiences allowing thrill seeking minds to solve intricate, ongoing, fictional murder mysteries. Filled with clues, codes and ciphers, each curated delivery serves as a TV show or movie that you can touch, feel and smell enabling members to step inside the mind of a homicide investigator and hunt a killer. Founded in fall 2016 as a single event, Hunt A Killer opened sign-ups for its exclusive membership program in October 2016 and continues to deliver curiosity and imagination through original narrative and interpretation.

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