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“Surrender” Selected For Inclusion In Golden Door International Film Festival

The powerful short film chronicling the depths of addiction has made it into the festival’s lineup


Saga Flight Entertainment is pleased to announce that “Surrender”, their short film focusing on an alcoholic whose sanity begins to slip away from him, has been chosen to be screened at this year’s Golden Door International Film Festival.

This event will take place from October 5th-8th in Jersey City, with “Surrender” being showcased on October 8 at 12:00 PM. More details about the festival are available at

Since it was released last year, “Surrender” has been included as an official selection at the Top Shorts Online Film Festival and the Sunderland Short s Film Festival, in addition to picking up awards at the LA Film Awards, the MNCY Film Festival and the 2016 International Film Competition, among others.

About The Golden Door International Film Festival:

Founded in 2010 by actor Bill Sorvino and a small group of local film enthusiasts, this event was born from the desire to shine a light on Jersey City, New Jersey and to provide an equal platform to all filmmakers well known and otherwise. Since then, the festival has anchored itself as a cultural focal point of Jersey City.

About Saga Flight Entertainment:

Saga Flight aims to foster creativity across all mediums and to develop cinematic experiences that engage viewers in an insightful, interactive way and strives to create “stories with purpose.”

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